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Abe, Kobo, 1924-1993.
Japanese novelist and physician
born Kimifusa Abe

Abramovitz, Max, 1908-2004.  
architect of Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center

Abrams, M. H., 1912-
Meyer Howard "Mike" Abrams
Class of 1916 Professor of English emeritus
Cornell University
editor, Norton Anthology of English Literature 1962-2006

Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
from Wikipedia

Adams, Ansel, 1902-1984.
American photographer and conservationist

Adler, Madeleine Wing

Adler, Mortimer, 1902-2001.
writer, "Great Books" editor

Adler, Robert, 1913-2007.
Zenith physicist who invented "remote control."

Ah Cheng (1949-  )  阿城
pseudonym of Zhong Acheng 鍾阿城

Akutagawa, Ryunosuke, 1892-1927.
novelist  芥川龍之介

Alexander, Bruce, 1932-2003.
real name: Bruce Alexander Cook

Alexander, Lloyd, 1924-2007.
born in Philadelphia and grew up in Drexel Hill two-time National Book Award winner
fantasy and adventure writer;
five-book series The Chronicles of Prydain;
concluding book of the series High King (Newbery Award, 1969)
"Conversation with Lloyd Alexander," by Jen Bryant
Image, Issue #30 • Spring 2001, p.41+
Attended West Chester State Teachers College in 1942, but dropped out

children's author

Alley, Rewi, 1897-1987.

Alman, Sidney, 1939-
Sterling prof. of biology & prof of chemistry at Yale Univ.
Nobel laureate, 1989

Almond, Gabriel Abraham, 1911-2003.
influential political scientist at Stanford

Altman, Robert, 1925-2006.
A five-time Academy Award nominee for best director, most recently for 2001's "Gosford Park," he finally won a lifetime achievement Oscar in 2006.

Ambrose, Stephen E., 1936-2002.
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian 
plagiarism issue (also Doris Kearns Goodwin)
Ambrose's "borrowings" and "history factory"


Ammons, A. R.
poet, Cornell prof.

Amory, Cleveland, 1917-1998.
bestselling author and animal lover extraordinaire
Founder of Fund for Animals

Anderson, Jean Bowman, 1908-2002.
U. of Chicago economist

Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993.
Philadelphia-born contralto

Anderson, Pamela.
pictorials, Playboy Feb. 1999

Anderson, Quentin,  1912-2003.
Columbia University professor of  literary criticism

Andrist, Ralph Kenneth, 1914 (or 1915)-2004.
age 90 (died of Alzheimer's Disease)
historian of Plains Indians

Anesaki Masaharu (1873-1949)
brother: Hattori Unokichi, 1967-1939.

Annan, Kofi A., 1938-       of Ghana
UN Secretary-General
Nobel Peace Prize, 2001
wife: Nane Annan of Sweden
Time cover story, Sept. 4, 2000

Ansbacher, Heinz Ludwig, 1904-2006.
Adlerian psychology expert
individual psycholgy
spouse: Rowena Ripin Ansbacher (1906-1996)
Professor emeritus, University of Vermont
NY Times, 6/24/2006

Ansbacher, Rowena Ripin, 1906-1996.
collaborator with her husband Heinz Ansbacher

Antin, Mary, 1881-1949.
The Promised Land

Antonioni, Michelangelo, 1912-
Italian modernist film director

Appiah, Anthony, 1954-
son of Peggy Appiah
Kwame Anthony Appiah
PhD, Cantab, 1982
philosopher and novelist
Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Philosophy
Princeton University
from Wikipedia
lives with his partner in a loft at Chelsea
a close collaborator with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Appiah, Peggy, 1921-2006.
born Enid Margaret Cripps, daughter of a British chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Stafford Cripps
married Ghana's Joseph Emmanuel Appiah
mother of Kwame Anthony Appiah
author of children's books

Apple, R. W., 1934-2006.
R. W. Apple, Jr.
Raymond Walter Apple, Jr.
known as "Johnny"
New York Times editor
obituary, NY Times, October 4, 2006

Appleby, Joyce
Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars

Aptheker, Herbert, 1915-2003.
prolific Marxist historian

Artin, Emil, 1898-1962.
MacTutor biography

Artin, Michael
son of Emil Artin
Professor of Mathematics, MIT

Arvin, Newton, 1900-1963.
Frederick Newton Arvin
The Scarlet Professor
biographer of Herman Melville
homosexual professor at Smith College
involving Edward "Ned" Spofford and Joel Dorius

Asagoe, Shinobu, 1976-   淺越  忍 
Japanese woman tennis player

Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.
sci-fi author

Atkins, Robert Coleman, 1930-2003.
Dr. Atkins' Diet (a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet)

Atkinson, Brooks, 1894-1984.
NY Times drama critic


Atwood, E. Bagby, 1906-1963 (?).  died at age 57
(male) Elmer Bagby Atwood
older brother: Lee Atwood, winner of National Medal of Technology, 1988 (John Leland Atwood)
PhD, U of Virginia
Professor of Linguistics, U. of Texas at Austin
A Survey of Verb Forms in the Eastern United States
Texas Studies in English
Studies in Language, Literature, and Culture of the Middle Ages and Later. Edited by E. Bagby Atwood and Archibald A. Hill. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1969,

Atwood, J. Leland "Lee", 1904-1999.
John Leland Atwood
older brother of E. Bagby Atwood
U. of Texas at Austin, 1928
President and CEO, Rockwell International
John Leland Atwood Award
National Medal of Technology, 1988

Auchincloss, Kenneth, 1937-2003.

Auchincloss, Louis, 1917-

Auerbach, Red, 1917-2006.
Boston Celtic basketball coach

Austin, J. L., 1911-1960.
John Langshaw Austin
Philosopher of language

Austrian, Robert, 1916-2007.
pioneering physician and pneumonia vaccine researcher
obit., New York Times, March 30, 2007
Philadelphia Inquirer, April 1, 2007, p. B11
Austrian's work garnered him many awards, including the Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research in 1978 and election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1979.

Avedon, Richard, 1923-
photographer, known as Dick
special exhibition

Ba, Jin  巴金
x Pa, Chin

Bach, Emmon
wife: Wynn Chao

Backus, John W., 1924-2007.
John Warner Backus
developer of Fortran
from Betanews
born in Philadelphia
died in Ashland, OR (where daughter Paula lives)
grew up in Wilmington, DE
father was a stockbroker
Hill School, Pottstown, PA;
U. of Virginia; Pitt; Columbia
influenced by Noam Chomsky
National Medal of Science, 1975
ACM Turing Award, 1977
Draper Prize, 1993
1989 Received doctor honoris causa of the Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy, France, on December 14 1989

Bacon, Edmund Norwood, 1910-2005
Philadelphia urban planner; Cornell graduate
children: actor Kevin Bacon
book: Design of Cities
Time cover story: Nov. 6, 1964

Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.
English philosopher and essayist

Bacon, Francis, 1909-1992.
Irish-born English expressionist artist
movie: Last Tango in Paris

Baker, Houston A., Jr., 1943-
Houston Alfred Baker Jr.
Professor of English and director of the Center for the Study of Black Literature and Culture, University of Pennsylvania

Baker, Nicholson, 1957-

Bai, Hsien-Yung, 1937-
novelist 白先勇

Bai, Xianyong, 1937-
novelist 白先勇

Bailes, Kendall E., 1940-1988.
historian, UCLA

Bailey, Shackleton, 1917-2005.
David Roy Shackleton "Shack" Bailey  
Professor of Latin Literature, Harvard University
profiled in:
Harvard Gazette, Dec. 8, 2005

Bak, Per, 1948-2002.

Balakian, Anna, 1915-1997.
professor of French and comparative literature, NYU

Balcom, John, 1956-  陶忘機
holds a Ph.D. in Chinese and comparative literature
from Washington University at St.Louis.

Baldwin, James

Bale, Christian, 1974-
son of David Bale

Bale, David, 1941-2003.
married feminist Gloria Steinem (2000)

Ball, Lucille, 1911-1989.
spirited doyenne of TV comedies

Balthus, 1908-2001. 
French-born Polish artist 

Baltimore, David, 1938-
Nobel laureate, 1975 (at age 37)
National Medal of Science, 1999
President, Caltech
former President, Rockefeller University
B.S., Swarthmore College
PhD, Rockefeller University, 1964 (in 18 months)
spouse: Alice Huang, Academia Sinica
daughter: Lauren, Yale '96, Phillips Academy '92

Daniel J. Kevles, The Baltimore Case: A Trial of Politics, Science, and Character (1998).

Shane Crotty, Ahead of the curve: David Baltimore's life in science (2001)

Banaji, Mahzarin R.
social psychologist
Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University


Bancroft, Anne, 1931-2005.
Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate

Bannister, Sir Roger, 1929-    MD (Oxford)
the man who ran the miracle mile
the first to run a mile in less than 4 minutes (3:59.4 on May 6, 1954)  "The Mile of the Century"
Sportsman of the Year, 1954
His autobiography, Four Minute Mile (also known as First Four Minutes), was published in 1955.

The Perfect Mile : Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It, by Neal Bascomb (2004)
Briton Roger Bannister, Aussie John Landy, American Wes Santee

Bannister and Beyond : The Mystique of the Four-Minute Mile, by Jim Denison (2003)

The 50th anniversary of the first four-minute mile is May 6, 2004.

Seabiscuits (movie)
Chariots of Fire (movie)

PageWise bio
Hall of Sports

rival: Australian John Landy

Bao, Chia-lin
Tao Pao (or Bao) Chia-lin 鲍家麟

Barber, James D., 1930-2004.
James David Barber
Duke University political scientist
B.A., M.A., Chicago
PhD, Yale

Barclay, Thomas (巴克礼). 1923. Supplement to Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Amoy. (汉英大辞典补编) Shanghai: The Commercial Press Limited.

Barnard, Chester I., 1886-1961.

Barnes, Edward Larrabee, 1915-2004.

Barrett, Andrea.
novelist; MacArthur Fellow, 2001
1996 winner of National Book Award (Ship Fever and other stories)
All Books

Bassani, Giorgio, 1916-2000.
acclaimed Italian author of The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1962),
a haunting semi-autobiographical novel of an aristocratic Jewish family's
illusory attempts to take refugee from the Fascists in a walled villa.

Baudrillard, Jean, 1929-2007.
French philosopher

Bauer, Peter, 1915-2002.
Lord Peter Bauer
professor emeritus of economics at the London
School of Economics; first winner of the Friedman Prize

Bawa, Geoffrey, 1919-2003.
Sri Lankan architect who blended Asian styles

Bearden, Romare, 1911-1988.
Afro-American artist of Harlem Renaissance

Beck, Emily Morison, 1915-2004.
born Emily Marshall Morison, daughter of historian Samuel Eliot Morison
edited Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Bei Dao (1949-  )   北島
Chinese poet in exile


Bell, Daniel.
Harvard sociologist

Bellow, Saul, 1915-2005.
Nobel laureate in literature, 1976
American Jewish writer
University of Chicago
Playboy Interview May 1997
obituary, NY Times

Benchley, Nathaniel, 1915-1981.

Benchley, Peter, 1940-2006.
Peter Bradford Benchley
author of Jaws
From a literary family, he is the son of author Nathaniel Benchley and grandson of Algonquin Round Table founder Robert Benchley. Peter Benchley is an alumnus of Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard University.

Benchley, Robert, 1889-1945.

Benn, Ben, 1884-1983.
(born or ne: Rosenberg)
Russia-born paitner who assimilatd modern artistic
trends into a style of prodigal buoyancy

Benson, Mildred Wirt, 1905-2002.
creator of "Nancy Drew" mystery novels

Berenstain, Jan, 1923-

Berenstain, Stan, 1923-2005.
Stanley Melvin Berenstain
co-creator, with his wife Jan, of those fuzzy bears
Berenstain Bears
born in Philadelphia, died in Doylestown

Berger, Arthur, 1912-2003.
composer and music critic

Berger, Harry, Jr.
Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars

Bergson, Abram, 1914-2003.
scholar on Soviet economy

Bernstein, Irving, 1916-2001.

Bernstein, Leonard

Bernstein, Richard J., 1932-

Berry, Mary Elizabeth, 1947-
PhD, Harvard
The culture of civil war in Kyoto / Mary Elizabeth Berry.
Berkeley : University of California Press, c1994.
xxxii, 373 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 24 cm.

Hideyoshi / Mary Elizabeth Berry.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1982.
xiv, 293 p. : ill. ; 25 cm

Berry, R. Stephen.
University of Chicago

Berssenbrugge, Mei Mei, 1947-  (poet) 白萱华
Random Possession, 1979.
Empathy. Barrytown, N.Y.: Station Hill P; New York, N.Y.: Distributed by the Talman Co., 1989. 【Added on Oct. 5, 2006】
Endocrinology. Berkeley, CA : Kelsey St. Press, 1997. 【Added on Oct. 5, 2006】
Nest. Berkeley, CA : Kelsey St. Press, 2003. 【Added on Oct. 5, 2006】
Concordance. Berkeley, CA : Kelsey St. Press, 2006. 【Added on Oct. 5, 2006】
I Love Artists : New and Selected Poems. Berkeley : U of California P, 2006. 【Added on Oct. 5, 2006】

Beyers, Robert W., 1931-2002.
longtime Stanford News Service director

Bibby, T. Geoffrey, 1917-2001.

Bigelow, Julian, 1913-2003.
mathematician and computer pioneer

Biggers, John Thomas, 1924-2001.
African-American artist

Birkhoff, George David, 1884-1944.
Harvard mathematician;  NAS

Birnbaum, Isabel M., 1937-1991.
UC Irvine, psychology 



Blackburn, Robert, 1920-2003.
founder of Printmaking Workshop

Blais, Marie-Claire, 1939-
Canadian novelist and lesbian activist
companion of Mary Meigs

Blewett, John Paul, 1910-2000.
physicist and nuclear accelerator designer

Bloch, Bernard, 1907-1965.
Professor of Linguistics, Yale University

Blos, Joan W. (Winsor), 1928-
children's author

Blos, Peter, 1903-1997.  or  1904-1997.
artist and child psychoanalyst

Blume, John A., 1909-2002.
father of earthquake engineering at Stanford

Blyton, Enid, 1897-1968.
probably the most successful British children's writer of the twentieth century

Bober, Phyllis Pray, d. 2002 (age 81)
the Leslie Clark Professor Emerita in the Humanities
Bryn Mawr College

Bocelli, Andrea, 1958-
Italian singer

Bodde, Derk, 1909-2003.  卜德
Penn   (Bodde pronounced BAH-da)
First American Fulbright scholar


Bogosian, Eric, 1953-
Oberlin College graduate 
actor/writer; Talk Radio


Bok, Derek
Harvard President

Bok, Sissela
Sissela Myrdal Bok
daughter of Alva and Gunnar Myrdal
wife of Dr. Derek Bok, Harvard President
specialist in ethics

Bolinger, Dwight LeMerton, 1907-1992.
linguist at Stanford

Bollinger, John.
of Bollinger Bands

Boole, George, 1815-1864.
of Boolean logic

Bolt, Robert, 1924-1995.
British screenwriter and playwright; born in Sale, Cheshire, England

Boorstin, Daniel J., 1914-2004.
Daniel Joseph Boorstin
historian and Librarian of Congress

Booth, Wayne C., 1921-2005.
Wayne Clayson Booth

Bopaiah, Cavery.
The availability of credit to small businesses

Description: ix, 72 leaves, bound ; 29 cm.
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Georgia State University, 1997.
1998. " Availability of Credit to Family Businesses," Small Business Economics, Springer, vol. 11(1), pages 75-86, August.
a visiting instructor at Morehouse College 

  • West Chester University of PA

  • Boren, Carrie, 1970-
    born Carrie Christine Boren

    Boren, Dan, 1973-

    Boren, David Lyle, 1941-
    President, U. of Oklahoma

    David Boren became OU's 13th president in 1994. Since then, the College of Medicine campus alone has added four major new buildings, research funding has soared, scholarship endowments reached $10 million and the number of endowed faculty positions climbed to nearly 120.

    Before becoming OU president, Boren was a state legislator, governor of Oklahoma and three-term U.S. senator.

    Boren graduated from Yale University in 1963 and was selected as a Rhodes Scholar, receiving a master's degree from Oxford University in 1965. He received a law degree from the OU College of Law in 1968.

    He and Molly Shi Boren, a teacher, lawyer and judge, were married in 1978. She received her master's degree in English in 1971 and her law degree in 1974 from OU. The next year, she became one of the youngest judges in Oklahoma history when she was appointed special district judge for Pontotoc County.

    The first woman to serve as a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association's board of trustees, she recently accepted the position as president of the Oklahoma Arts Institute, the state's official school of the arts, having served as a board member for 15 years. The institute was created during her husband's term as governor. Their children are U.S. Rep. Dan Boren and Carrie Boren, an Episcopal minister in Los Angeles.

    Boren, Janna Lou Little
    Carrie and Dan's mom

    Boren, Molly Shi
    J.D., U of Oklahoma

    Borg, Anita, 1949-2003.
    computer scientist

    Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986.
    Argentine writer
    director of National Lirbary of Argentina
    very fond of New Orleans

    Boruch, Robert F.

    Bott, Raoul, 1923-2005.
    Harvard mathematician
    The life and works of Raoul Bott (by Loring W. Tu)
    AMS interview
    National Medal of Science

    Bourdieu, Pierre, 1930-2002.
    French sociologist and philosopher

    Bowers, Edgar, 1924-2004.
    distinguished American poet

    Bowman Anderson, Jean, 1908-2002.
    U. of Chicago economist

    Bracewell, Ronald N.

    Bracey, John H., Jr.
    African-American studies scholar
    a member of  the W.E.B. DuBois Department of Afro-American
    Studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst since 1972.

    Bradbury, Ray, 1920-
    sci-fi writer

    Braidwood, Linda, 1909-2003.

    Braidwood, Robert, 1907-2003.
    anthropologist at U. of Chicago

    Branson, Herman, 1914-1995.
    Herman Russell Branson
    African-American sickle cell physicist
    President of Lincoln University

    Brauman, John I.
    Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholars
    National Medal of Science, 2002
    Stanford professor

    Brennan, Harold J. "Bud", 1926-2006.

    Brennan, William J., 1906-1997.
    William Joseph Brennan
    Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.

    Brett, Philip, 1937-2002.  
    professor of musicology, UCLA
    domestic partner, Prof. George E. Haggerty
    chair of the English Dept., UC Riverside

    Brewer, Warren A (卜温仁). 1995. LAT94 (台湾语言学图集94年计画案),国科会报告.
    ———. 1996. LAT96 (台湾语言学图集96年计画案),国科会报告.
    ———. 1998. LAT97 (台湾语言学图集97年计画案),国科会报告.
    ———. 1998. Taiwanese southern Min 'thumb'. Annual Meeting of Yuan Ren Society for the Promotion of Chinese Dialect Fieldwork. Seattle, WA: University of Washington.
    ———. 1999. LAT99 (台湾语言学图集99年计画案),国科会报告.

    Bright, Susie, 1958-
    Susanna "Susie" Bright (also Susie Sexpert)
    writer of erotica
    daughter of linguist William Bright
    entry from NNDB

    Bright, William, 1928-2006.
    American linguist known for indigenous languages
    William "Bill" Oliver Bright
    daughter: Susie Bright, a well-known writer of erotica
    PhD, UC Berkeley
    Professor emeritus, UCLA

    Brightman, Sarah, 1960-
    English crossover singer

    Brilliant, Ira Francis, 1922-2006.
    Beethoven specialist
    The Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies
    San Jose State University

    Brodsky, Joseph, 1940-1996.
    poet; Nobel laureate, 1987

    Bronner, Edwin B., 1920-2005.
    Quaker historian
    librarian and professor, Haverford College
    B.A., Whittier Collge
    M.A., Haverford College
    PhD,  Penn

    Bronson, Charles, 1921-2003.
    born Charles Buchinsky in the Scooptown section of Ehrenfeld, Pa., a coal-mining town, the 11th of 15 children born to Lithuanian immigrants
    Hollywood tough guy

    Brooks, Cleanth, 1906-1994.
    Yale professor
    Well-Wrought Urn
    Understandin Poetry

    Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000.
    Prolific poet who, in 1950, was the first African-American to win a Pulitzer Prize for Literatue.
         Women Writers of Color
         Univ. of Buffalo page
         Modern American Poetry page

    Brooks, Michael W.
    Prof. of English, West Chester U. of  PA
    "A shooting on the subway," Scholars, 3(2): 4-9 (Spring/Summer 1992)
    Riding the Trains, Reading New York (Rutgers Univ. Pr.)
    John Ruskin and Victorian Architecture (Rutgers Univ. Pr.)

    Brooks, Peter, 1938-
    Sterling Prof. of French and Comparative Literature
    Yale University

    Brown, Claude, 1937-2002.
    Author of Manchild in the Promised Land

    Brown, Dan, 1964-
    graduate of Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy
    bestselling novelist; The Da Vinci Code
    an interview

    Brown, James, 1933-
    godfather of soul
    born in Macon, GA

    Brown, Karl Leslie, 1925-2002.
    Stanford professor emeritus of applied research at SLAC

    Brown, Lloyd Louis, 1913-2003.
    journalist who wrote a biography of Paul Robeson

    Brown, Patrick O.

    Brown, Raymond Edward, 1928-1998.
    Father or Rev. Raymond Brown, S. S.
    Biblical scholar and author

    Brown, Roger, 1925-1997.
    Roger William Brown
    psychologist; psycholinguist
    NAS biographical memoir by Jerome Kagan
    obit in Harvard Gazette

    Brown, Samantha, 1969-
    Travel Channel host of Passport to Europe

    Bu, Naifu, 1917-2002.  原名卜宝南,后改名卜乃夫、卜宁
    Wumingshi, pseud.
    brother of Bu Shaofu




    無名氏祖籍江蘇揚州,曾擔任《掃蕩報》、《中央日報》等報記者,西安《華北新聞》主筆。他三十年代開始創作,以《北極風情畫》、《塔堛漱k人》兩書享有盛名,對中國文學的影響很大。一九八二年他離開大陸至香港,八三年赴台定居。卜乃夫是台灣參與五四新文學運動碩果僅存的國寶級作家,在大陸則只剩下巴金。本 帖转自北大中文论坛,网友無影書生发表

    Bu, Shaofu, 1909-2000.
    brother of Bu Naifu

    Buchwald, Art, 1925-2007.
    American humorist

    Buchwald, Jed Z.
    professor of history of science
    MacArthur Fellow, 1995

    Buckley, Christopher, 1948-

    Buckley, Christopher, 1952-
    Christopher Taylor Buckley
    son of William F. Buckley Jr., and nephew of James L. Buckley

    Buckley, James L., 1923-

    older brother of William F. Buckley

    Senator from New York

    Buckley, William F., 1925-2008.
    William F. Buckley, Jr.
    Yale '50; National Review
    father of Christopher Buckley (1952- )


    Buffett, Warren

    Bullock, Sir Alan, 1914-2004.
    Alan Louis Charles Bullock
    British historian

    Bunch, Lonnie G. (Griffith) Jr.

    Bunch, Lonnie G. (Griffith) Sr.

    Bunch, Lonnie G. (Griffith) III.

    Bunker, Chang, 1811-1874.
    Bunker, Eng, 1811-1874.
    Siamese Twins (1811-1874)
    i.e. Chang and Eng Bunker born in Siam (modern-day Thailand)

    Bunker, Edward, 1933-2005.
    prison novelist; crime novelist
    IQ: 152
    His first published novel, No Beast So Fierce viewed by many including Quentin Tarantino as the finest crime novel ever written, changed his fortunes. It was filmed as Straight Time, starring Dustin Hoffman.

    Burchfield, Robert William, 1923-2004.
    R. W. Burchfield
    editor, Oxford English Dictionary
    died of Parkinson's Disease

    Burdick, Eugene, 1918-1965.
    Rhodes Scholar, Oxford Univ.
    B.A., Stanford, 1942
    PhD, 1950
    professor of political science, UC Berkeley
    born Eugene Leonard Burdick
    The Ugly American
    (with Captain Wm. J. Lederer), 1958
    Fail Safe (with Dr. Harvey Wheeler), 1960
    Ninth Wave, 1956

    Burns, Ken.

    Busch, Frederick Matthew, 1941-2006.
    author of poetic novels

    Butterworth, (Rev.) Eric, 1916-2003.
    preacher of positive attitude

    Bykau, Vasil, 1924-2003.  (Also Bykaw)
    Belarusian novelist; "conscience of a nation"
    interview (Lynching of a language)

    Bykov, Vasil, 1924-2003.  
    see Bykau, Vasil, 1924-2003.

    Byler, Richard P., d. March 18, 2006.
    Chester County (PA) planner
    Cheltenham High, 1946
    B.A., Wharton
    M.A., West Chester University

    Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976.
    Philadelphia-born sculptor

    Cambell, William (甘为霖). 1913. A Dictionary of the Amoy Vernacular. (厦门音新字典).台南教会公报社.

    Campbell, Cameron D. (康文林
    James Z. Lee (李中清; T.D.Lee's first son) and Cameron D. Campbell (康文林)
    美国加州大学洛杉矶分校社会学教授、加州人口研究中心副主任康文林(Cameron Campbell)博士
    PhD, Penn, 1995

    Campbell, Neil A., 1946-2004.
    wrote major biology textbooks

    Campbell, Russell N., 1927 or 1928-2003.
    UCLA professor emeritus
    language specialist

    Cantlie, James(康德黎) and C. Sheridan Jones, 1912, Sun Yat Sen and the Awakening of China, New York: Fleming H. Revell. 

    Cantor, Norman Frank, d. 2004. age 74
    PhD, Princeton, 1957
    Rhodes Scholar

    Cao, Huai-Dong.   曹怀东
    mathematician Huai-Dong Cao (Lehigh University)
    wife: Zhang, Yingbi "Belinda"  张映碧 (小平)
    daughter: Lulu

    Cao, Tianqin, 1920-1995.
    husband of Xie Xide, physicist, President Emeritus, Fudan U., Shanghai

    Cao, Yu, 1910-1996.  (Ts'ao Yu) 曹禺
    Chinese dramatist
    birth date is sometimes given as 1905 or 1911

    Capote, Truman, 1924-1984.
    New Orelans-born novelist
    bio from Wikipedia
    a lifelong friend and childhood neighbor of Harper Lee who portrayed him in her novel,To Kill a Mockingbird, as Dill.
    Breakfast at Tiffany's
    In Cold Blood ("a nonfiction novel")


    Capra, Frank, 1897-1991.
    movie director

    Carlton, Vanessa, 1980-
    born in Mitford, PA

    Caro, Ina.
    wife of Robert A. Caro

    Caro, Robert A., 1935-
    Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of LBJ

    Carr, Caleb, 1955-
    military historian; mystery writer
    The Alienist
    son of Lucien Carr of the beat generation

    Carr, Lucien, 1925-2005.   "Lu" or "Lou" Carr
    of the beat generation
    self-defense murder of David Kammerer
    son: writer Caleb Carr  
    born March 1 1925; died January 28 2005
    from Guardian Unlimited

    Carroll, Lewis

    Carson, Anne, 1950-
    Canadian-born classicist-poet
    B.A., M.A., PhD, University of Toronto
    Guggenheim Fellow, MacArthur "Genius" Award
    The Autobiography of Red

    Carson, Johnny, 1925-2005.
    late-night TV host

    Cash, Johnny, 1932-2003.
    country music singer

    Cash, June Carter, 1929-2003.
    country music singer

    Cash, Rosanne, 1955-
    daughter of Johnny Cash
    country music singer

    Caspian Sea   里海裡海

    Casper, Gerhard G.
        Yale, JD, '62
        Stanford President, 1992-2000

    Cassidy, Frederic G., 1907-2000.
    linguist, lexicographer

    Castanada, Carlos, 1931-1998.  see
    Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998.

    Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998.
    Don Juan teachings


    Castiglione, Giuseppe, 1688-1766.
    (in Chinese)  Lang, Shi-Ning, 1688-1766. 郎世寧
    Italian Jesuit missionary and Chinese horse painter

    Cather, Willa, 1873-1947.
    American novelist 
    My Antonia; Death Comes for the Archbishop; O Pioneers; Song of the Lark; etc.

    Cave, Hugh Barnett, 1910-2004.
    prolific English-born American writer

    Catlett, Elizabeth, 1915-
    African-American artist
    married to Mexican artist Francisco Mora
    some sources give 1919 as the year of birth

    Cela, Camilo Jose, 1916-2002.
    Spanish writer; Nobel Prize winner

    Cha, Louis   金庸
    martial arts novelist (Jin Yong)

    Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung, 1951-1982.
    pioneering Korean-American artist

    Chadwick, Lynn Russell, 1914-2003.
    British sculptor

    Chai, Ching-Li.   翟敬立 
    math, Penn 
    PhD, Harvard, 1984


    Chai, Ch'u      楚
    Professor of Philosophy

    Chai, May-lee
    My Lucky Face. New York: Soho P, 1997.《我的幸运脸蛋》
    Glamorous Asians: Short Stories & Essays. Indianapolis: U of Indianapolis P, 2004.《富有魅力的亚裔》

    Chai, May-lee and Winberg Chai 翟梅莉(和父亲共同写作)
    Girl from Purple Mountain; Love, Honor, War and One Family's Journey from China to America. St. Martin's P, 2001.《紫金山的姑娘》

    Chai, Winberg

    Chan, Jackie, 1954-    成龍
    martial arts actor
    Rumble in the Bronx
    Shanghai Noon
    Shanghai Knight
    Rush Hour
    Rush Hour 2

    Chan, Jeffery Paul 杰弗里·保罗·陈(陈耀光)
    "Jackrabbit." Yardbird Reader 3 (1974): 217-38.《长腿长耳兔》
    Eat Everything Before You Die. Seattle: U of Washington P, 2004.《生前你要把所有东西吃个遍》
    Chan, Jeffery Paul, Frank Chin, Lawson Fusao Inada(稻田),
    and Shawn Wong
    The Big Aiiieeeee. New York: Meridian, 1991.

    Chan, Lois Mai   麥麟屏
    professor of library science at U. of Kentucky
    Mai Lin-ping; (kirin; Ping-tung)
    personal webpage

    恭喜麥麟屏教授 Professor Lois Mai Chan榮獲 2006Beta Phi Mu獎 將於6月27日 ALA 年會頒獎
    麥教授任教於美國肯德基大學圖書資訊學 專長於資訊組織 詳如

    Beta Phi Mu Award recipient named

    CHICAGO - Lois Mai Chan, professor at the University of Kentucky, School of Library and Information Science, is the 2006 recipient of the Beta Phi Mu Award. This annual award, donated by the Beta Phi Mu International Library Science Honorary Society, is presented to a library school faculty member or to an individual for distinguished service to education in librarianship.

    "In selecting Dr. Chan for this award, the jury commended her for her excellence as a distinguished teacher and her visibility as a role model and mentor for her students," said Jury Chair Eric Johnson of Southeastern Louisiana University. "We commend her very strong publishing and grants record, resulting in significant advances in the theory and practice of cataloging and classification; her authorship of standard texts that are later used beyond the classroom in the working lives of librarians; and her insight and leadership in such areas as subject headings and metadata."

    Other members of the 2006 Beta Phi Mu Award Jury are Cynthia M. Akers, Emporia (Kan.) State University; Emily A. Bergman, Occidental (Calif.) College; John Allyn Moorman, Williamsburg (Va.) Regional Library; and
    Charlotte C. Xanders, California State University, Sacramento.

    The jury echoed her current and past students' accolades for her support and guidance of future librarians and applauded her profound impact on the field of librarianship.

    Chan received a B.A. from Taiwan, an M.A. from Florida State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky. During her career she has received seven major honors and awards, including two awards for excellence in teaching from the University of Kentucky (the University of Kentucky's Alumni Association Great Teacher Award and the College of Communications and Information Studies Excellence in Teaching Award), and the Margaret Mann Citation from the American Library Association's Association for Library Collections and Technical Services.

    In 2004-2005, Chan, who is a widely sought lecturer and consultant in all parts of the world, was the Lazerow Lecturer at Simmons College.

    Chan is a life member of the American Library Association and a member of The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS).

    The 2006 Beta Phi Mu Award will be presented at the ALA Award Ceremony and Reception, Tuesday, June 27, during the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

    Chan, Peter Ho-sun, 1962-    陳可辛
    Hong Kong film director
    The Love Letter (starring Kate Capshaw, Ellen Degeneres, and Tom Selleck)

    Chan, Sucheng
    PhD, UC Berkeley
    Sucheng Chan is a professor emerita and former chair of the Department of Asian American Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She is the author or editor of a dozen books, including Asian Americans: An Interpretive History, This Bittersweet Soil: The Chinese in California Agriculture, 1860-1910, and Claiming America: Constructing Chinese American Identities during the Exclusion


    Chan, Wing-Tsit, 1901-1995.
    professor of philosophy, Dartmouth College

    Chance, Linda H.
    Professor of Japanese Studies, Penn

    Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan, 1910-1995.
    Indian astrophysicist at the U. of Chicago
    known as Chandra
    black holes; white dwarf star
    Nobel laureate (physics), 1983

    Chang, Andrew C., 1940-   張嘉興
    born in Cheking (Zhejiang)
    B.S., National Taiwan University, 1962
    M.S., Virginia Polytech, 1965
    PhD, Purdue, 1971
    Professor, UC Riverside
    Fellow, AAAS
    CAFA Achievement Award, 2006

    Chang, Carsun, 1886-1969. (some give 1887-1969)
    x Zhang Junmai    張君勱
    brother of Chang Chia-ao, banker, and Chang Yu-yi, first wife of poet Hsu Chih-mo

    Chang, Chawnshang.   張傳祥
    U of Rochester
    Androgen receptor knockout (ARKO)老鼠由University of Rochester張傳祥教授以 Cre-Lox 技術建立

       雄荷公司(AndroScience Corp.)是由統一生命科技主力組構的在美新型生技公司,雄荷於2000年春成立於美國聖地牙哥。公司的技術主要來自旅美傑出男性荷爾蒙專家張傳祥教授。雄荷公司並在紐約州羅徹斯特大學附近擁有研發實驗室,公司主要開發由男性荷爾蒙受體群技術衍生出來的新藥、新診斷方法與快速篩選方法,應用於前列腺 癌、禿頭、骨質疏鬆症、男性性功能障礙等重要醫藥領域。雄荷並規劃結合荷爾蒙受體群技術與卓越的天然本草成份分析、配方等技術來確認本草藥物的功能與療效 從而發展新產品。雄荷公司目前的經營由具多年產業經營經驗的石秋洋博士與賴博雄博士負責




      張傳祥教授,一個台灣醫界極為熟悉的名字,獲得此次男性醫學會貢獻獎,真是實至名歸。張傳祥教授1978年畢業於台大農化系,1985年取得芝加哥大學生化暨分子生物學博士學位,1988年於芝大完成內分泌學博士後研究。現為美國羅徹斯特大學 George Whipple傑出教授。在他一次又一次的演講中,可以充分感受到他的熱情、期待與創見,並給予聽眾新觀念啟發。張教授提攜後進不遺餘力,是大家公認的好 老師,在他的研究室裡已幫助50位以上的台灣學者取得PhD學位,如台大張宏江、長庚康宏佑、高醫王紀慧、東華李漢榮、三總武國璋、中興鍾婷婷、中研院陳玉玲等,現均任職於台灣為大學教授、副教授,而其他的20幾位台灣人現在美國各Academics。張教授每年多次回國講學,並幫忙國內許多大學訓練研究 人才,例如:1999年8月中華民國泌尿科醫學會邀請演講、2001年3月中華男性學醫學會邀請演講、2001年12月台灣大學和臺北醫學大學邀請做全校 性演講。

      他的研究主題集中於男性荷爾蒙受器及協同調節因子(Androgen receptor and coregulators),並探討它們在男性荷爾蒙相關疾病的角色,例如:前列腺癌、掉髮、骨質疏鬆症、女性疾病等。另一主題為探索TR2/TR4孤兒 細胞核受器(Orphan nuclear receptor)的特性。他也是第一位找出男性荷爾蒙受體DNA的人,已發表的研究論文超過160篇(部分登載於國內)。由於他的努力,使得醫界能夠解 開男性賀爾蒙運作的原理,並開啟一些新的研究方向,特別是前列腺癌的荷爾蒙感受性。

      張教授目前和台灣大型醫院合作進行的計劃有:長庚醫學院婦產科Reproductive Medicine研究中心The roles of Androgens in Women Diseases研究計劃、台大醫學院婦產科Steroid Hormone Research Center研究中心Sex Hormones & HRT研究計劃、臺北醫學大學泌尿科 Androgen and Spermatogenesis研究計劃。


    Chang, Chao-Ying, 1933-    張超英

    spouse: 顏千鶴
    家瑜 (Cynthia Scanlan
    ﹐1962-, Greenwich, CT)
    、得瑜 (Catherine Cocco
    ﹐ 1963- Austin, TX)、致瑜 (Wesley Chang, 1965-)

    Brian & Cynthia Scanlan   (203) 661-1605   277 Old Church Rd,  Greenwich, CT 06830

    Gerry Cocco '82 512/970-6787
    Catherine Cocco '85 (512) 338-0993.
    5609 Spurflower Dr., Austin, TX 78759-7161



    書名「宮前町九十番地」是張超英美慧的妻子顏千鶴的主意,他們二人的家族歷史交織出引人入勝的日治到戰後的台灣歷史篇章,從梁啟超到魯迅,從林獻堂到杜聰明、蔣渭水,西川滿到葉石濤;張超英的父親張月澄從抗日的民族革命志士到二二八事件後的身陷囹圄,宮前町九十番地從家族老宅到近乎無償租作「中華民國駐台灣領事館」,「使我的住宅屋頂可以掛著青天白日滿地紅的祖國國旗,翻揚於台灣唯一的空中」(張月澄語),再到白色恐怖陰影下,出獄的父親孤獨自閉於書房, 軍統局局長毛人鳳進駐,愛玩的中學生張超英開著蔣介石的座車滿街亂跑,陳柔縉筆下少年張超英的「私記憶」,篇篇都是無比珍貴的歷史鏡頭,翩翩飛成花開花謝台灣記憶中斑爛的蛺蝶。

    張超英口述,陳柔縉執筆的「宮前町九十番地」講了六十六個故事,你如果不是從頭一個故事開始讀,信手翻開任何一個篇章都會使人驚奇。例如,傳主張超英說到 在日本讀大學時,同學拉他參加一場舞會,邂逅一日本女生美智子,玩遊戲跳舞正興起,同學趕來拉他離開,說「她不是你的啦!」滿頭霧水的張超英很後來才知 道,這是一場為明仁皇太子選妃子的舞會,後來成為皇后的正是那位當日不及有任何發展的女子。

    例如,在美台斷交的前夕,張超英突然接到CBS當家主播華特克朗凱的電話,說「something is cooking」,幾年後,錢復對他說:「超英,你這個電話不知道對我們幫助多大!這七、八個小時非常寶貴。」還有,兩度駐日的張超英安排宋楚瑜在高爾夫 球場「巧遇」日本首相中曾根,找來日本主流名筆「綁架」李登輝總統三日,訪問出版「台灣的主張」;突破封鎖與日本主流大報建立關係,讀賣新聞的資深記者戶 張東夫說,日後他若要寫台日關係發展史,一定要專門一章寫「張超英時代」。

    直到從政府公職退休,張超英只不過是駐日代表處新聞組組長,比芝麻官大不多少的中級公務員。不論看他熟年以後在美日外交前線認真執著殺進殺出的幕後無名演 出,或者他自述從幼年到青年期nothing can complain的富家少爺看盡繁花的流金歲月,書中每則故事裡都有執筆者想要說得更精采,但傳主卻要浮雲流水般瀟灑無煙火氣的拔河,在這個什麼都誇張得 人心難辨的時代,讀來正恰到好處。


    世家子弟──阿舍•黑狗兄 ◎文/李昂

    由於張家算是日據時代顯赫的商家,從張超英的童年回憶,也可一窺日據時代所謂上流社會的生活,有別於過去相關電影歷史多是描述日據時代台灣人的貧苦回憶 但整本書最精彩的,應該算是張超英的公職生涯。張超英歷任的職務,在整個文官體系


    from TravelNote






    家父學生時代〈一九二0年代〉靠著在台灣的祖父無限制的經濟支援,致力於反日運動,在廣州組織「廣東台灣革命青年團」,並 出版「台灣先鋒」,鼓吹中國革命「勿忘台灣」。這一群台灣學生夢想著藉由中國革命成功來解救台灣人民脫離日本統治,現在看來真是「頭殼壞掉了」。更諷刺的 是,二二八事件後不久,家父也與一般台灣知識份子一樣遭受國民黨逮捕,在死刑前獲救,夢碎也心碎。


    我的母親甘寶釵是彰化名紳甘得中的長女,彰化女中第一屆畢業,也是當時女孩子到日本留學的先鋒之一,就讀於至今仍享有盛名 的日本女子大學。在一九二0年代,她因深受日本西化的影響,自由、平等、人權的理念深植心中,主張女子剪髮,投入社會服務。剛好父親也在報上呼籲提高婦女 人權,兩人有相同的革命理念,相互傾慕,而結成連理。

    生為他們的獨子,體內或許也流著相同的熱血,一心所想,就是本於自由、民主、人權,要提高台灣人的尊嚴與地位。在我人生歷 程中,經過了日治時代、威權時代、李登輝時代以及現在的本土時代。在各階段中,為了反對不自由、不民主、不公義而迸發出不同的火花,也為了執著於這個理 念,在我人生各階段,有人說我是「漢奸」,也有人說我是「台奸」,有人把我歸為「宋派」,更有人指我是「只會花大錢的公子哥兒」,對這些指稱,我總是一笑 置之,從不放在心上。


    回顧參與國內國外大大小小事件,不計其數,引以為傲的是我始終沒有參加國民黨。在公務員三十一年生涯中,始終以超然的態 度,努力做自己認為「對」的事,追求符合自由、民主和公義的事。一九五八年進入新聞局,一九六二年升任國際處第三科科長,到一九九八年退休時任駐日代表處 顧問兼新聞組組長,三十年從科長到組長,職階相差無幾。也許我的名字使我太超然,從來不計較地位和金錢。生命中只堅持一個原則:那就是爭取台灣人的民主、 自由和人權,而這個職場正提供了我這個舞台,讓我很是感念上天的恩寵。也許在一般人眼中,我太「天真荒唐」,就如我父親早年參加中國革命的「天真荒唐」。


    這本書得以完成面世,我要感謝柔縉,她不但文筆流暢,記憶力更是驚人。她在考證與整理上,花了好大精力與時間,彌補了我的 粗枝大葉,當初能請得到她執筆,實在幸運,在此特別致上萬分的感謝。同時也感謝蕭秀琴、鄭宇斌及時報出版公司的李濰美小姐,費心討論書該如何呈現,並在大 堆照片中費功夫篩選、編排。



    Chang, Chia-ao

    Chang, Ching-hsi.   張清溪
    PhD, economics, Ohio State, 1978
    professor of economics, NTU
    director, Taiwanese Falun Dafa Association

    Chang, Chuan-hsiang
    see Chang, Chawnshang.   張傳祥
    U of Rochester

    Chang, Diana 张粲芳
    The Frontiers of Love. Seattle & London: U of Washington P, (1956) 1994. [北外图书馆]

    Chang, Ding-zhong, see
    Fung, Margaret C.
    PhD, Indiana University
    professor of library science
    National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

    Chang, Eileen, 1920-1995.   張愛玲
    also Zhang Ailing

    Chang, Gordon G., 1951-     章家敦
    Cornell graduate (1973)
    B.A., JD, Cornell

    Chang, Gordon H.,   
    B.A., Princeton
    PhD, Stanford
    professor of history, Stanford


    Chang, Han-Yu, 1913-     張漢裕
    PhD (economics); Taichung-born

    Chang, Hao, 1937-   張灝
    Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1992

    Chang Hsiu-ya, 1919-2001.   some give 1918 張秀亞
    also Zhang, Xiuya, 1919-2001.
    Taiwan's best-known essayst and poet
    died in Orange County, CA
     Complete works published

    Chang Hui-ching (張惠菁)
    - Born in Taipei. She holds a B.A. in History from National Taiwan University and a M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Since the publication of her first novel in 1997, she has now authored a total of six books, including novels and collections of short stories and of essays. She is also a recipient of several prestigious awards, such as Taipei Literature Award, United Daily News Literature Award, and China Times Literature Award.

    Chang, Hui-Mei.   張惠妹
    Taiwan's pop star

    Chang, Iris, 1968-2004.
    Iris Shun-Ru Chang   張純如
    from Wikipedia
    The Rape of Nanking  <南京大屠殺>

    Chang, Iris 张纯如
    Thread of the Silkworm. New York: Basic Books, 1995. [国图,北外图书馆] 《蚕丝》
    The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, New York: Basic Books, 1997. [国图] 《南京暴行:被遗忘的大屠杀》 / 《南京大屠杀》
    The Chinese in America: A Narrative History. New York: Viking, 2003. [国图,中心] 《美国华人》  

    Chang, Isabelle C.

    Chang, Ji-gao, 1926-1995. (Zhang Jigao) 張繼高

    died of 肺癌

    張繼高,筆名吳心柳,河北人,民十五年生。平生以新聞為專業,對音樂探研甚深。曾軔辦中廣公司 新聞部,中視新聞部,出任首任經理,暨香港時報總編輯,民生報總主筆、副社長,《美國新聞與世界報導》中文版社長,臺北之音廣播電臺董事長。創遠東音樂社 及《音樂與音響》雜誌,八十四年去世。獲贈文化建設基金會特別貢獻獎。

       张继高(1926-1995)笔名吴心柳。他以新闻人、音乐人、文化人的渊博学识和宽阔视野,衡情论理,说古 道今,针砭社会异象,见人所未言人所未言,素受海外各界饮服。因作者生前坚守“不出书,不教书,不上电视”的原则,致使千千万万爱书人不得不剪贴张文品 尝、咀嚼和保存。在他病逝的前看,台湾九歌出版社终于将他的文章结莫成三册上版,以两个月间重印四至六次的纪录畅销。


    张继高散文 浙江文艺出版社 1997

    必須贏 的 人 / 張 繼高 著.
    Bi xu ying di ren
    臺北市 : 九歌 出版社, 民國84 [1995]
    459 p. ; 19 cm.
    ISBN: 9575603605

    從 精緻 到 完美 / 張 繼高 著
    臺北市 : 九歌 出版社, 民國84 [1995]
    423 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
    ISBN: 9575603753

    樂府 春秋 / 張 繼高 著.
    臺北市 : 九歌 出版社, 民國84 [1995]
    395 p. ; 21 cm
    ISBN: 9575603761

    张 继高 散文
    伊 始 编选
    杭州 : 浙江 文艺 出版社 : 浙江省 新华 书店 经销, 1997
    4, 8, 394 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
    ISBN: 7533909291

    Pianissimo 張繼高與吳心柳


    Chang, Jung, 1952-    張戎
    Chinese-born British writer
    PhD, linguistics, University of York
    British husband: Jon Halliday, a Soviet specialist
    Wild Swans: Three daughters of China
    Mao: the unknown story

    Chang, Kim, 1963-
    see Chang, Lia, 1963-

    Chang, Kun, 1917-      張琨(次瑤)
    Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1972
    from Wiki

    Chang, Kwang-chih, 1931-2001.  張光直
    professor of archaeology, Harvard 
    Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
    died of Parkinson's Disease 

    Chang, Lan Samantha 张岚(1965-)将任"爱荷华作家工作室"主任
    Hunger. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1998. [国图,北外图书馆] 《饥饿》
    Inheritance. New York: W. W. Norton, 2004. [国图,北外图书馆] 《遗产》

    Chang, Leroy L., 1936-
    pronounced in Chinese Chang Ligong
    NAS, 1994
    Academician, Academica Sinica (Taiwan)

    Chang, Leslie 张墀言
    Beyond the Narrow Gate: the Journey of Four Chinese Women from the Middle Kingdom to Middle America. Dutton, 1999. [国图,北外图书馆,中心] 《窄门》[The book is a memoir of the author's mother and her classmates of the elite First Girls' School of Taipei. All mainlanders, these women immigrated to the U.S. in the 60's. Their experiences read like a novel, and their impact on the American-born generation is incalculable. ]

    Chang, Lia, 1963-
    sometimes known as Kim Lia Chang or Kim Chang
    actress-turned photojournalist

    Chang Liang-tse, 1939-     張良澤
    also Zhang, Liangze, 1939-   張良澤
    Taiwan's literary critic

    Chang, Lung-Hsi,        張隆溪
    also Zhang, Longxi
    PhD, Harvard
    M.A., Peking
    Professor, City University of Hong Kong

    Chang, Margaret
    Margaret Scrogin Chang
    Raymond Chang
    children's literature

    Chang, Mei-Yu Huang, 1946-1996. MD. 張黃美玉醫師
    Feb. 8, 1946-Nov. 20, 1996.

    Chang, Min Chueh, 1908-1991.

    Chang, Ming E.
    Admiral Ming E. Chang, USN (Ret)
    Rear Admiral Ming Chang of Virginia had a distinguished 34-year career in the U.S. Navy, receiving four awards of the Legion of Merit (Combat V) and a Bronze Star (Combat V). Prior to his retirement in 1990, he served as the inspector general for the U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C.

    Chang, Pang-Mei Natasha﹐1965-   張邦梅
    Bound Feet & Western Dress (1997)
    Chang, Pang-Mei Natasha 张邦梅
    Bound Feet & Western Dress, A Memoir. New York: Anchor Books, 1996. [北外图书馆]《幼仪与志摩》

    Chang, Parris H.   張旭成
    Taiwan's Case for United Nations Membership by Parris Chang* and Kok-ui Lim**  

    David Kopel (September 12, 2006)
    Taiwan's Right to Representation in the United Nations

    Chao, Patricia
    Monkey King. New York ,NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 1997. [北外图书馆] 《猴王》
    Mambo Peligroso. New York: HarperCollins, 2005. 《曼波·派力格罗梭》

    Chang, Peter H. L., 1901-2001.  张学良
    Young Marshal
    Chang Hsueh-liang or Zhang Xueliang  
    born in Manchuria; died in Hawaii
    Peter and Edith Chao Chang Papers at Columbia University


    Peter Chang (his name also rendered as Zhang Xueliang, and Chang Hsueh-liang) was born in Manchuria in 1901 and died in Hawaii in 2001 After his father Chang Tso-lin Zhang Zuolin, a leading war-lord known as the Old Marshal, was assassinated in 1928 by the Japanese, Chang took his place as the Young Marshal, becoming one of the most powerful military figures in China. In 1930 Chang became Deputy Commander in Chief of the Chinese Armed Forces. In 1933 he traveled to Europe. Upon his return to China, Zhou Enlai convinced him of the need for the Nationalist and Communist Chinese to present a united front against Japan.

    On December 4, 1936, Chiang Kai-shek, the Nationalist leader, met with Marshal Chang in Xian, ostensibly to plan a campaign against the Communists due to begin on December 12. Chang arrested Chiang Kai-shek, an event that became known around the world as the Xian incident. Two weeks later, Chiang agreed to work with the Communists in fighting the Japanese and was freed.

    After the Xian incident Marshal Chang might have chosen to join the Communists. Instead he surrendered to Chiang Kai-shek who placed him under house arrest. This was his status for the next fifty years, even after the Nationalists fled to Taiwan taking Chang with them. As he said in 1991 in his first interview after recovering his freedom, "It was a rebellion and I had to take responsibility for it".

    During his long period of confinement on Taiwan, Marshal Chang lived comfortably in a house with an extensive garden selected by Chiang Kai-shek's son, Chiang Ching-kuo, who succeeded his father as President of Taiwan. During this time Chang became a Baptist and spent many hours writing, reading the Bible, and studying history. The house was filled with paintings and calligraphy honoring the Chiang family, including a number that were drawn by Madame Chang Kai-shek. Many of these items are now at Columbia in the Chang Papers.

    After his release Marshall Chang settled in Hawaii in 1995 with his second wife Yi Di Zhao, known as Edith Chang who predeceased him by one year. The daughter of a senior official, she had left her family while still in her teens to become his companion, later following him into exile on Taiwan. Her devotion so moved Chang's first wife Yu Feng-chih that she released him from his marriage vows.

    Chang, Richard F., 1921-   張懿風

    Gao ji Hua wen du ben = Advanced Chinese reader = 高級華文讀本 / edited and annotated by Tien-yi Li, Richard F. Chang.
    香港 : 中文大學出版社, c1992

    Zhongguo shu fa = Chinese calligraphy / zuo zhe: Zhang Yi-feng.
    中國書法 = Chinese calligraphy / 作者: 張懿風

    臺北 : 國立歷史博物館, 1989

    Chang, Sarah, violinist.
         born in Philadelphia to Korean parents
               Sarah Chang (EMI)


    Chang, S. K. (Shi-kuo), 1944-   張系國
    scientist and novelist
    also Zhang, Xiguo, 1944-  

    張淑麗 (Shu-li Chang)
    PhD, USC (comparative literature)
    Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University
    translator, Hsi Muren's work Across the Darkness of the River

    Chang, Sidney H.(張緒心)

    Chang, Sun-Yung Alice, 1948-   張聖容
    mathematician, Princeton
    husband: Paul Yang, math professor


    Chang, Sylvia, 1953-
    Zhang, Aijia. 張艾嘉 
    Taiwan-born (in Chiayi)movie director
    Winner of Taiwan's Golden Horse Award for her roles in "Bi Yun Tian" (Shiny Sky) and "Wo De Ye Ye" (My Grandpa).

    Chang, Ta-Chun, 1957-   張大春
    Taiwan novelist
    also Zhang Dachun

    Chang, Te-Tzu, 1927-2006.    張德慈
    rice geneticist
    (died 3/24/2006 in Tamsui, Taiwan)
    Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
    from wiki
    Manual on genetic conservation of rice germ Plasma for evaluation and utilization, 1976.

    Chang, Teh-kwang, 1925-    張德光
    professor of political science at Ball State University, IN

    Chang, Ts'o, 1943-
    see Cheung, Dominic  張錯

    Chang, Wen-huan, 1909-1978
    .   张文环
    born in Chiayi
    Taiwanese writer


    張文環作品多取材於台灣風土,現實主義手法厚重樸實,代表作〈夜猿〉曾獲皇民奉公會台灣文學獎。編輯及創作上的活力,使他在戰時本土文壇有相當影響力。  张文环(1909——1978),台湾省嘉义县梅山村人。生于富商之家。1927年赴日就读于冈山中学,1931年考入东洋大学文学部。1932年与 吴坤煌、王白渊、巫永福等人组织《台湾艺术研究会》,并创办《福尔摩沙》杂志,开始文学创作。1937年返台,任《风月报》日文编辑。1941年离开《文 学台湾》,另组“启文社”,创办《台湾文学》季刊。次年9月,被新改组的御用文艺团体台湾文艺家协会推选为四理事之一,后又与西川满等被派赴日参加“第一 回大东亚文学者大会”。1946年当选台中县参议员。1948年任台湾省通志馆编纂。直至1976年发表《滚地郎》(中文版)其间仍坚持文学创作。于 1978年离世。
      主要创作有:长篇小说《山茶花》、中短篇小说《自己的坏话》、《哭泣的女人》、《父亲的要求》、《过重》、《部落的元老》、《猪的生产》、《两个新 娘》、《新薤罐》、《忧郁的诗人》、《部落的惨剧》、《夜猿》、《艺旦之家》、《媳妇》、《泥土的味道》、《阉鸡》、《云之中》、《滚地郎》。

    Chang, Yahlin.
    Yale alum; daughter of Shien C. Chang & Rosa Kuei R. Chiu
    was  general editor, Newsweek

    Chang, Yingtai.  張瀛太 (女)
    Xi zang ai ren (2000) 西藏愛人 (九歌)

    Chang Yu-Fa, 1936-   張玉法
    also Zhang, Yufa
    Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1992

    Chang, Yu-i, 1900-1989.  also Chang Yu-yi.  張幼儀
    sister of banker Chang Chia-ao and philosopher Carsun Chang
    first wife of poet Hsu Chih-mo 徐志摩, 1896-1931
    subject of Bouund Feet and Western Dress by Natasha Chang (or Ren jian san yue tian, Taiwanese TV serial called April Rhapsody that dramatized his life)

    Chao, Alexander Wu, 1949-   趙午
    physicist at Stanford
    Academician, Academica Sinica

    Chao, Elaine L., 1953-  趙小蘭
    Taiwan-born politician

    Chao, Patricia, 1955-
    The Monkey King (a first novel, HarperCollins, 1997)

    Born of a Chinese father and a Japanese mother, Chao is the author of the novel "Monkey King" (HarperCollins 1997), which was a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers finalist. The New York Times Book Review called her novel "a considerable achievement, the work of a writer worthy of serious attention." A Chicago Tribune critic states, "With cleanly understated prose and exquisite imagery, Chao skillfully laces past and present, China and America, into a compelling tale of one woman’s fight for her life and identity."

    Chao is currently working on a second novel entitled "Mambo Peligroso" and serves as a world music writer for Rhythm magazine

    Patricia Chao earned an M.A. in creative writing from New York University in 1992. At NYU, Chao completed the first draft of her novel. She teaches at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in New York City. She is the recipient of several poetry and writing awards

    Chao, Rosalind.    趙家玲
    Chao Jyalin
    Zhao Jialing
    Chinese-American movie actress
    Joy Luck Club
    What Dreams May Come
    Thousand Pieces of Gold
    Star Trek

    Chao, Rulan, 1922-     卞趙如蘭
    Rulan Chao Pian
    daughter of Y. R. Chao and Buwei Yang
    Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1990

    Chao, Tien-Yi, 1935-   趙天儀
    born in Taichung
    Professor (philosophy), Providence University
    M.A., Philosophy, National Taiwan University

    Chao, Wynn
    husband: Emmon Bach

    Chao, Yuen Ren, 1892-1982   趙元任



    wife: Buwei Yang 楊步偉
    Chao, Buwei Yang (1889-1981)
    Autobiography of a Chinese Woman [Put into English by her husband Yuenren Chao (赵元任)] New York: The John Day Company, 1947.

    first daughter: Rulan Chao Pian 赵如兰 (1922-  )

    赵如兰的博士论文<<宋代乐谱研究>>(1967).包括翻译成线谱的白石道人歌曲和<<瑟谱>>中的诗经歌曲. 原文是英语, 以下转帖一段有关介绍.
    SonQ Dynasty Musical Sources and Their Interpretation
    Rulan Chao Pian
    A seminal monograph first published by Rulan Chao Pian in 1967, this is the standard reference on SonQ dynasty music. The book provides a mirror for scholars to reflect on the cultural, social, and theoretical dimensions of Chinese music scholarship in the new millennium. This new reprint edition features a foreword by Bell Yung and an introduction by Joseph Lam.
    About the Author Rulan Chao Pian was born in Cambridge, MA and educated at Radcliffe College. She is the author of A Syllabus for the Mandarin Primer, and is Professor
    Emeritus of Harvard University.
    美国国家工程院院士 卞学璜
    1940年清华大学航空系毕业。美国麻省理工学院教授,美国阿波罗登月计划权 威专家,国际著名计算力学权威,杂交有限元学派创始人。获得美国麻省理工学院航空博士学位。1988年当选为美国国家工程院士。夫人赵如兰是语言大师赵元任之女,哈佛大学教授,1990年当选为台湾中央研究院院士。卞学璜奖是国际计算工程与科学学会在"2000年国际工程与科学计算会议"上颁发的五个奖项 之一,以在力学方面贡献卓著的卞学璜而命名的。

    second daughter: 趙新那 (1923- ) 著名化学家 Zhao Xin-Na
        or Zhao Xinna
        husband Huang Peiyun.

    third daughter: 趙來思  Lensey Namioka (1929-  )
       The funny story of how I got my name

    fourth daughter:  趙小中

    Chau, Albert
    Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University
    PhD, Columbia University, 2001

    Chau, Simon S. C. 
    Chau Siu-cheong, Simon (周兆祥)
    - Simon is at present the Programme Head of the Translation Department, the Hong Kong Baptist University. He received his M.A. degree from the University of Hong Kong, and later received Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the Scotland University, Edinburgh. He is the Director of the Produce Green Foundation and has dedicated to research and promotion of environmental education. He writes columns in various newspapers and has published over 90 works of his writings and translations.

    Chauncey, Henry, 1905-2002.
    father of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

    Chein, Edmund, 1948-    陳益明
    Palm Springs Life Extension Institute
    MD, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
    JD, Southwestern University School of Law
    Hong Kong-born anti-aging researcher
    human growth hormone (HGH)
    total hormone replacement (THR)
    "Living beyond 100: hope or hype?"

    Chen, Bing-Long, 1974-    陈兵龙
    student of Zhu Xi-Ping
    山西省汾西县。1992.9-1996.7,就读于广州中山大学数学系本科获学士学位,1996.9--2000.7,于广州中山大学数学系基础数学专业获博士学位。2004.7 于 广州中山大学数学系任教授。研究方向为微分几何,几何分析。..


    Chen, Chang-Shing  陳長馨
    PhD, UCLA, 1971 (math)

    Chen, Chau-Nan, 1936-    陳昭南
    Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1990

    Chen, Chi-Lu, 1923-    陳奇祿
    archaeologist; anthropologist
    Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1976
    陈奇禄,考古学家。台湾台南人。1947年毕业于上海圣约翰大学。后赴美国、英国进修。1966年获日本东京大学社会学博士学位。历任台湾大学教授、考古 人类学系主任、文学院院长,“中央研究院”民族学研究所研究员、美国文化研究所研究员兼所长,国民党中央委员会副秘书长,“行政院”政务委员、文化建设委 员会主任委员,“中央研究院”院士。长期从事中华文化及台湾地区、东南亚地区土著文化的研究。著有《中华文化的特质》、《台湾山地文化的特质》等。

    台灣風土 陳奇祿書畫展

    Chen, Chi-yun, 1933-    陈启云




    Department of History

    Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

    Chen Chien-jen      程建人
    spouse:  Yolanda Ho 何友蘭, a renowned designer in Taiwan's textile and apparel industry. They have two children, a son and a daughter. It is a little-known fact that Ambassador Chen's wife, Yolanda Ho, designed the wedding gown for Linda Hall Daschle when she married the current Senate Majority leader, Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

    Chen, Chih-fan, 1924-     陳之藩
    x Chen, Zhifan, 1924-
    essayst; electrical engineering
    B.S. (Pei-Yang 北洋; now Tianjin 天津大學)
    M.S. (Penn)
    PhD (Cantab, 1971) 劍橋 (from 1969-1971)
    see also Tong Yuanfang 童元方 (PhD, Harvard)

    Chen, Chin-Feng, 1977-      陳金鋒
    Tainan-born baseball outfielder in U.S. 
    first Taiwanese player in MLB
    cf. Chin-Hui Tsao, 1981-    曹錦輝
    first Taiwan-born pitcher in MLB (with Colorado Rockies)

    Chen, Ching-chih, 1937-  陳  劉欽智
    Associate Dean, Simmons College Library School
    B.A., National Taiwan University, 1959
    M.L.S., University of Michiga, 1961
    PhD, Case Western Reserve University, 1974
    winner of the 2006 Kilgour Award

    spouse: Dr. Sow-Hsin Chen 陈守信 ,生于台湾嘉义
        Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 2006

    Chen, Ching-Jen, 1936-     陳景仁
    son of Chen Yisong 陳逸松 (1907-1999)
    older brother of Michael S. Chen (1942?- ) 陳希寬
    spouse of Ruei-Man Chen 陳瑞滿

    Chen, Chong, 1961-   陈冲
    see Chen, Joan, 1961-

    Chen, Christine Chin-yu    陳靜瑜


    Chen, Chun-Yu, d. 1963.  陳君玉
    Taiwanese lyricist
    Dance Era
    Taiwanese Pop will never die

    Chen, Chung Ho. 陳忠和
    An algebraic model of arithmetic codes.
    [Philadelphia], 1977.  
    vi, 102 l. illus. 29 cm.    
    PhD, Penn
    spouse: Wu Chiu-hua "Aki"


    Chen, Constance M., 1968-
    author of The Sex Side of Life
    born of Taiwanese parents

    Chen, Ding-Shinn.
    NAS, 2005
    Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
    Dean, NTU Medical College

    Chen, Ellson.   陳奕雄
    Founder, President & CEO, Vita Genomics, Taiwan

    Chen, Han-seng, 1897-2004.
    see Chen, Hansheng, 1897-2004.  陳翰笙

    Chen, Han-sheng, 1897-2004. 陳翰笙
    also, Chen Hanseng   原名陈枢
    Chinese sociologist 当代经济学家之父
    Guardian Unlimited

    Chen, Hsin-hsiung  陳新雄
    Professor of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal Univ.

    Chen, Huan-Tang, 1934-   陳煥堂
    Taiwanese ceramist, painter, etc.
    B.A., National Taiwan Normal University, 1962

    spouse: 傅芝美


    Chen, Jack, 1956-
    born in Taipei
    陈宏正 Dynalink Systems Founder
    wife: Maureen

    陈志让(Jerome Chen