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Ha Jin (1956- )  哈金  金雪飛

In the Pond. Cambridge, MA: Zoland Books, Inc., 1998. [中心] 《在池塘中》
Waiting. New York: Vintage International, 1999. 《等待》
The Bridegroom. New York: Pantheon Books, 2000. [中心] 《新郎》
Between Silences: A Voice from China. Chicago : U of Chicago P, 1990.
Facing Shadows. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Hanging Loose P, c1996.
Under the Red Flag. Athens : U of Georgia P, c1997.
Ocean of Words. Army stories.1st Vintage International ed. New York: Vintage International, 1998.
Wreckage.Brooklyn, N.Y.: Hanging Loose Press, c2001.
The Crazed. New York: Pantheon Books, 2002.
War Trash. 1st Vintage International ed. New York : Vintage International, 2005.

Hahn, Emily, 1905-1997.


Hahn, Liong-shin, 1932-    韓良信 Irvine, Calif.
Stone Spring Association
Shyr-Chyuan Hahn  石泉

Hahn, Liang-shin(韓良信),Complex Numbers and Geometry, The Mathematical Association of America, 1994.


Hahn, Liong-Shin (2005). New Mexico Mathematics Contest Problem Book. Albuquerque: U. of New Mexico Press.

Liong-Shin Hahn ran the New Mexico Mathematics Contests for a decade, from 1990 to 1999. In this book he has compiled 138 of his favorite problems from his contest files, with 72 problems classified as “Number Theory and Algebra,” and the remaining 66 as “Geometry and Combinatorics.” The five appendices contain a complete listing of all of the questions and answers from both first and final rounds of all contests held during the period of Hahn’s reign, the questions and answers for the calculus competitions held in New Mexico in the late ‘80s, and a series of “New Year Puzzles” – each based on one of the numbers from 1985 to 2016



Hailey, Arthur, 1920-2004.
British-born bestselling novelist of "Airport," "Hotel," "Wheels," "The Moneychangers" and "Strong Medicine."
The 1980 spoof "Airplane!" was based on Hailey's serious television screenplay, "Flight Into Danger." He had no control over the movie because the rights had been sold, but said he enjoyed the film.

Haishengwei   海參崴
Vladivostok Russia 

    Cf. Mukden (Shenyang)

Halberstam, David, 1934-2007.
Pulitzer Prize-winner
of Jewish ancestry
B.A., Harvard 

Haldane, J. B. S., 1892-1964.
John Burdon Sanderson Haldane
British geneticist
founder of modern evolutionary synthesis
mentor of John Maynard Smith (1920-2004)

Hale, Kenneth C., 1934-2001.
MIT linguist

Haley, Alex, 1921-1992.
author of "Roots"

Hall, John L.
B.A., Johns Hopkins University
J. D., U. of San Diego School of Law
Asst. D.A., Chester Co., 1984-88
spouse: Lisa
partner, Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees, PC
West Chester, PA

Hall, Robert A., Jr., 1911-1997.
Cornell linguist
died of Parkinson's Disease

Robert Anderson Hall, Jr. was born on April 4, 1911 in Raleigh, North Carolina to Lolabel House Hall and Robert Anderson Hall. The family moved to Minneapolis around 1914, and later to Brooklyn, New York in 1919. Hall attended Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day School in Brooklyn. In 1923 Hall changed his name from William Durham Hall to Robert A. Hall, Jr. He began attending Princeton University in 1927, and received his A.B. in 1931. Hall began studying at the University of Chicago the following fall, and received his A.M. in 1935. He taught at the University of Puerto Rico from 1937 to 1939.

By 1995 Hall was a Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Italian at Cornell University and the author of numerous books dealing with Italian language, literature and culture. He was a member of the Wodehouse Society and was its president from 1986 to 1985.

Hall is the author of Pidgin and creole languages (1966) The Comic Style of P.G. Wodehouse. (1974), Language, literature, and life: selected essays (1978) The Kensington rune-stone is genuine : linguistic, practical, methodological considerations (1982),A life for language : a biographical memoir of Leonard Bloomfield (1990), The Kensington Rune-Stone: Authentic and Important. A Critical Edition (1995), and many other works.


Robert Anderson Hall Jr., the professor of linguistics emeritus who ventured beyond his field of undisputed expertise in Romance philology to the world of Viking rune-stones, died Dec. 2 (1997) in Cayuga Medical Center following a long struggle with Parkinson's disease. He was 86.

Hall joined the Cornell faculty in 1946 after earning a doctoral degree (1934) from the University of Rome and teaching at Brown and Princeton universities and the University of Puerto Rico. Many of his more than four dozen books and hundreds of articles concerned his research specialties -- comparative grammar of Romance languages, general linguistics and the Creole and Pidgin languages. He was the first linguist to write a structural grammar of the Italian language and to structurally analyze Hungarian and French.

When the University of Chicago conferred an alumnus award in 1978, Hall was cited "one of the world's most distinguished linguists." He was a past-president of the Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States

In 1979 Hall rekindled controversy when his translation of rune-like characters, carved in a rock from a Minnesota farm field, was said to prove a 1362 visit by Scandinavians to the heartland of the New World, 130 years before Columbus. Subsequent books about the Kennsington Rune-stone were hailed by advocates of pre-Columbian exploration, yet many skeptics were unconvinced and Hall continued to debate the issue, most recently with a 1995 book on the disputed rune-stone.

Survivors include his wife, Alice M. Colby-Hall of Ithaca, a son and two daughters. A memorial service is planned for April 4, 1998, at 2 p.m. at the First Congregational Church of Ithaca. Memorial contributions, in lieu of flowers, may be made to the church or a charity of one's choice.

In Memoriam

Princeton Alumni

Robert A. Hall, Jr., '31

Robert Anderson Hall Jr. died Dec. 2, 1997, at the Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, N.Y., of Parkinson's disease.

Bob was our class's gift to the science of linguistics. After his AB, he earned his MA from Chicago U. and his doctorate from the U. of Rome. He taught courses in modern languages at the U. of Puerto Rico, Princeton, and Brown. He became associate professor of linguistics at Cornell in 1946, full professor in 1950, and professor emeritus of linguistics and Italian in 1976.

Bob published over 50 books and more than 500 articles relating to linguistics, and became president of the Linguistic Assn. of Canada and the U.S. in 1984. He was a Guggenheim Fellow and a Fulbright lecturer. During WWII, Bob took part in the Army's Intensive Language Program, teaching, Italian, French, and Melanesian Pidgin.

As a sideline, Bob sang in choirs and choruses, and composed a Mass (you guessed it) in Latin.

His first wife, the mother of his children, Frances I. Adkins, died in 1975. He is survived by his second wife, Alice M. ColbyHall, son Philip, daughters Diana Goodal and Caroline Erickson, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Alice, Bob's widow, has had an extraordinary career of her own, recently mentioned in '31's class notes.

The Class of 1931

PAW April 22nd, 1998

Hamilton, George Heard, 1910-2004.
art historian (obit, NY Times)
B.A., 1932; M.A., 1934; PhD, 1942 (Yale)

Hamilton, Richard Streit, 1943-
Professor of Mathematics
Columbia University
PhD, Princeton, 1966
entry from Wikipedia
Ricci flow

Hamilton, Virginia, 1936-2002.
Afro-American children's author

Hamp, Eric P., 1920-
Eric Pratt Hamp is Robert Maynard Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, Psychology, Slavic Languages, and the Ancient Mediterranean World at the University of Chicago; Research Associate in the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies; in the Department of Albanian Language, University of Shkoder; member of the Committee for the Scottish Gaelic Linguistic Atlas, of the International Committees for Study of Celtic Cultures, for the Atlas Linguarum Europe, and for English Braille Linguistics; project linguist, Braille Research Center; advisory editor Journal of Indo-European Studies, Etudes celtiques, and Random House Unabridged Dictionary; He was also a research grantee in Breton dialects and a recipient of the Derek Allen Prize for publications in Celtic Studies, British Academy.

Hampshire, Sir Stuart, 1914-2004.
Sir Stuart Newton Hampshire
Oxford philosopher

Han, Carolyn
Han, Carolyn Everett
children's literature
Why snails have shells.  U. of Hawaii Press, 1993.
Tales from within the clouds
Demon king and other festival folktales of China
Koa's seed


Han, Qing
math, U. of Notre Dame

Han, Suyin, 1917-   (Rosalie Chou)韓素英 ; 韩素音
Born Chou Kuanghu (the Moon Guest) vel Elisabeth Rosalie Matthilde Clare Chou
also known as Dr. Elisabeth Comber. 
韩素音(1917∼ ),英国籍作家,医生。原名周光瑚,曾用名周月宾,韩素音为笔名。她父亲是中国人,母亲是比利时人。1917年9月12日生于北京。15岁时在协和医院做打字员

Han, Yong-Sheng   韓永生
math, Auburn University

Hanan, Patrick Dewes, 1927-   韓南
哈佛燕京學社第五任社長﹕韓南 Patrick Dewes Hanan 教授1987~1996     韓南教授,1927生于紐西蘭,1948年紐西蘭大學學士﹐1949年紐西蘭大學碩士, 1953年倫敦大學碩士,1960年倫敦大學博士,先任教於倫敦大學亞非學院,後任教史丹福大學,1968年起任哈佛大學東亞系中國古典文學教授並兼任主任﹐1998起並為哈佛大學衛特湯瑪斯 Victor S  Thomas  講座教授﹐1995起並為南京大學合作教授﹐著有《金瓶梅探源》
﹐《中國短篇小說之時期.作者與結構研究》 《中國白話小說》 《李漁的發現》 《懊悔之海﹕世紀之交的兩本言情小說》 ﹐以及《韓南中國 古典小說研究論集》﹐《中國白話小說史》  《中國近代小說的興起》和 多本李漁的研究﹐和<百家公案考> <論肉蒲團的原刊本>論文多種﹐藹然可親的韓南教授﹐現已退休﹐為聲譽卓著的中國古典小說專家﹐也是哈
佛燕京學社第一研究中國學的社長﹐過去59年來的歷任社長全都為研究 日本的學者。
    韓南教授任內﹐他于1989年建立訪問研究講師計劃﹐專供成為講師 博士候選人﹐提供這些二.三十歲的學者出國赴美進修發展﹐在哈佛來 學習一年﹐讓他們有機會在校園中接觸哈佛大學的學者和學生。現為最熱門的計劃之一。
    韓南教授謹慎地繼續其他原有計劃﹐安度困難時期﹐如博士獎學金 計劃。
    又與三聯書店在1991年簽約出版一系列的《三聯哈佛燕京學術叢書 》﹐1993年出版第一本。提振起二戰後哈佛燕京學社在中國出版學術書 籍日趨低迷的情況。

Hanner, Robert Mitchell, d. 2003.  (age: 67)
architect; Penn faculty
Philadelphia landscape architect Robert M. Hanna, who established the firm Hanna/Olin in 1976 with Laurie Olin, died on March 8 at age 67 due to complications following surgery. With Olin, Hanna designed the landscape for Johnson and Johnson headquarters in 1977 and developed the master plan for Battery Park City in New York City with Cooper Eckstut Architects. Hanna established a separate firm in 1995, RM Hanna Landscape Architects, and completed the master plan for the University of Washington in Tacoma. Hanna taught for more than three decades at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hansen, Lars Peter (PhD, Minnesota, 1978)
economist, University of Chicago
son-in-law of Sho-Chieh Tsiang (1918-1993)蔣碩傑
wife: Grace Tsiang

Hao, Yen-Ping, 1934-    郝延平
Academician, Academia Sinica Taiwan, 1996

Harada, Yasuko, 1928-    原田康子
Japanese woman writer
小说家,日本文艺家协会会员、日本女流文学者会会员。 1928年生于东京,翌年移居北海道钏路市。
   1954年短篇小说《糊空木的记忆》入选《新潮》同人杂志特辑号。 1955~1956年《北海道文学》连载《挽歌》,1956年12月由东都书房出版单行本。作者伊藤整评论此书是一支少女青春之歌,细腻逼真、凄婉动人地 描绘了少女的青春;评论家臼井吉见称赞此书是变幻莫测的青春画卷的完美展示。
  1957年获第八届"女流文学者奖"。其后搬上银幕,《挽歌》因此成为畅销书,销量超过七十二万册,以至出现了"《挽歌》热"。 其他代表作者:《患病的山丘》《望乡》《杀人者》以及《风的堡垒》《满月》《圣母钟》等。最新作品有短篇集《烛泪》。


年轻而放纵不羁的玲子偶遇中年建筑设计师桂木,产生了爱慕之情。不久,她发现了桂木夫人的外遇,并将其告知桂木。不料,桂木出乎常理地将她带往外地留 宿。与桂木发生关系后,玲子又主动接近桂木夫人,向其表示好感,用尽心计猎取做'情人'的快感,最终致使桂木夫人荣辱自杀。玲子于是面临痛苦的抉择。

小说塑造了一个反抗传统、追求自己和个性的大胆'弄潮儿'的形象,反映了二战后西方文化和价值观对日本青年一代的冲击。作品出版后,空前畅销,掀起了一 股'《挽歌》热'。无数游客拥向作为小说主人公活动舞台的北海道,去捕捉'挽歌'的袅袅余音,体味新时代的'青春彷徨物语'。

Harbin     哈尔滨

Hardwick, Elizabeth, 1916-2007.
Kentucky native; wife of poet Robert Lowell

Hark, Tsui
see Tsui Hark (movie director) 

Harley, J. Brian, 1932-1991.
historian of world cartography

Harman, Gilbert, 1938-

Hart, Gary.
Playboy interview, Feburary 2002

Hart, James D., 1911-1990.
James David Hart
editor, Oxford Companion to American Literature
Professor of American Literature, UC Berkeley

Hartshorne, Charles, 1897-2000

Hashimoto, Mantaro J., 1932-1987.  橋本萬太郎
(PhD, Ohio State, 1966)
wife: Anne O. Yue-Hashimoto (PhD, Ohio State, 1966)
Hashimoto Mantaro (1932年11月26日-1987年6月7日),日本汉 学家。在《言语研究》发表"The Bon-shio(文昌)Dialect of Hainan — A Historical and Comparative Study of Its Phonological Structure, First part: The Initials"(1960)、《ジュンヤン语(ソビェト?ドゥンガーン语)研究书目解题》(1962)、《西夏国书字典同音の同居韵》(1963)。1966年俄亥俄州立大学博士学位,指导老师王士元,毕业论文"The Phonology of Ancient Chinese"。与王士元另一名博士生余霭芹共坠爱河。尔后发表的论文和专书有:《客家语基础语汇集》(1972)、"The Hakka Dialect"(1973)、《言语类型地理论》(1977)、"Phonology of Ancient Chinese"(1978)。1987年因胃癌在日本逝世。

桥本万太郎(Mantaro Hashimoto 1932—1987)日本当代语言学家。1955年毕业于东京大学文学院中国语文学系。曾师从服部四郎和河野六郎等学者,激发了研究语言学的兴趣,并掌握了语言描写的方法。1962年,在东京大学研究院,人文学研究科,中国语文学系修完博士课程。旋赴美国,在伊利诺斯大学英语系任职,次年转至俄亥俄州立大学。在此斯间,曾研究转换生成语法。1965年,取得博士学位。(论文为古汉语音韵)。后曾任教于夏威夷大学、普林斯顿大学。1969—1971年,任普林斯顿大学、中国语言学研究项目主任;曾创办期刊《麒麟》(Unicorn)。那时,汉语在美国很少有人去研究,尤其是外国人研究汉语的就更少了.

Hashimoto, Yoko, 1939-    橋本 要子
Hashimoto-Sinclair, Yoko
Sinclair, Yoko H.
August 20
spouse: Tom (deceased)
friend: Marshall Joseph Becker
daughter: Karen
younger sister: Keiko Ono 小野慶子
nephew: Tomoya 智也

Hatch, George C., Jr.
B.A.,Yale, 1959
PhD, U of Washington, 1972
Washington U. in St. Louis
Box 1062, One Brookings Dr.,
St. Louis, MO 63130
ACLU grant, Taiwan, 1974-75

Hattori, Unokichi, 1967-1939.服部宇之吉
sister: Anesaki Masaharu (1873-1949) 崎正治

Hau, Lene
Harvard physicist
MacArthur Fellow, 2001
Harvard Crimson
Harvard Gazette

Haus, Hermann Anton, d. 2003.
MIT researcher
U.S. Medal of Science, 1995

Hawes, Gene R., 1922-2004.
Gene Robert Hawes
author who advised readers


Hawking, Stephen William, 1942-
Lucasian Prof. of Mathematics, Cambridge University
Fellow, The Royal Society
Member, US National Academy of Sciences

Hawkins, Gerald, 1928-2003.
Gerald Stanley Hawkins
professor of physics and astronomy, Boston U.
archaeastronomer and author who claimed the Stonehenge was a computer

Hayek, Friedrich, 1899-1992.
1974 Nobel Prize for Economics

Hayworth, Rita, 1918-1987.
Hollywood legend
died of Alzheimer's Disease


He, Jiaru, 1938-
何家儒(1938∼ )

Hearn, Lafcadio   小泉八雲
    x  Koizumi, Yakumo

Heilbroner, Robert L., 1919-2005.
Norman Thomas Professor of Economics, Emeritus, at the New School for Social Research, NYC

Heilbrun, Carolyn Gold, 1926-2003.
Columbia professor;
pioneering feminist scholar

Heinlein, Robert A., 1907-1988.
born Robert Anson Heinlein
sci-fi writer
Robert A. Heinlein Page
movie:  The Puppet Masters (1994)

Heinlein Society

Hennessy, John.
computer scientist, Stanford president

Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878.
widely considered the foremost American scientist of the 19th century
from Smithsonian Institution: Joseph Henry Papers Project

Hepburn, Katharine, 1907-2003.
B.A., Bryn Mawr College, 1928
four-time Oscar winner
lived with Spencer Tracy for 27 years
Parkinson's Disease

Herr, Robert Woodmansee

Herriot, James, 1916-1995.
Scottish-born James Alfred Wight was a veterinarian-turned bestselling author

Herriot, John G. "Jack," 1916-2003.
professor emeritus of computer science, Stanford University

Herrmann, George, 1921-2007.
Stanford professor emeritus of mechanical engineering

Herrnstein, Richard J.
author of The Bell Curve with Charles Murray

Hersey, John, 1914-1993.
Yale, 1936 (with Chester Kerr, director of Yale U. P.) born of missionary parents in Tientsin, China
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist (A Bell for Adano)

Herskowitz, Ira, 1946 or 1947-2003.  (age 56)
top geneticist

Heverly, Leonard S., 1922-1980.
Leonard Scouton Heverly
Associate Professor/Serials Librarian
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
married Ruth in 1953
adopted Richard and Michael
spouse:  Ruth (Williams) Heverly  baseball
Ruth Williams passed on February 10, 2005.

Heyerdahl, Thor, 1914-2002.
world-renowned Norwegian explorer

Hiatt, Robert Miller, 1942-
Robert M. Hiatt; Bob Hiatt

Higham, John, 1920-2003.
U.S. historian;
professor emeritus of history, Johns Hopkins University

Hilgard, Ernest R., 1904-2001
Stanford psychologist

Hill, Archibald Anderson, 1902-1992.
"Arch" Hill
linguist; University of Texas at Austin
A.B., Pomona College
A.M., Stanford, 1924
PhD, Yale, 1927
wife: Muriel Louise Byard (d. 1986)
was in Taiwan as an advisor to National Taiwan University for The University of Texas at Austin (also David DeCamp, 1927-1979)

Hill, Christopher, 1912-2003.
Marxist historian of English Civil War

Hilton, Ronald, 1911-2007.
Latin-American literature scholar

Hinojosa, Rolando, 1929-
also Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

short story "Hoengsong" in Retrieving Bones: stories and poems of the Korean War (Rutgers U. P., 1999)
Rolando Hinojosa and the American Dream (1997)

Hirschfeld, Al, 1903-2003.
king of caricature; Albert Hirschfeld

Hitchcock, Alfred, 1899-1980.
a master of suspense

Ho, Chih-Ming    何志明
Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
CAFA Achievement Award, 2003

Ho, Chungwu.
何崇武 (mathematician) PhD, MIT, 1970

spouse: 謝銀迅 Hsieh Yinhsin
a painter and retired senior engineer of McDonell Douglas

Ho, Don, 1930-2007.  何大來
Hawaiian singer
Donald Tai Loy Ho

Ho, Minfong, 1951-

Ho, Peng-Yoke, 1926-     何丙郁
physics; history of science
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1988
from Wiki

Ho, Ping-ti, 1917-     何炳棣
professor, U. of Chicago
brief bio
a letter from his teacher 雷海宗 Lei Haizhong
Academician, Academia Sinica

Ho, Wai-kam, 1924-2004.
authority on Chinese art

Hobsbawm, Eric.

Hochachka, Peter William, 1937-2002.
Canadian zoologist
obituary, Nature, 14 November 2002, p.140

Hockett, Charles F., 1916-2000
Cornell linguist

Hodges, Margaret, 1911-2005.
author of children's stories
born Sarah Margaret Moore
obit from NY Times

Hoff, Ted, 1937-
Marcian Edward "Ted" Hoff, Jr.
developer of microprocessor
B. S. (EE), Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, 1958
M.S. (EE), Stanford, 1959
Ph.D.(EE), Stanford, 1962

Hoffmann, Stanley, 1928-
Vienna-born Professor of Government, Harvard University

Hofstadter, Richard, 1916-1970.
American historian and professor at Columbia

Hofstadter, Robert, 1915-1990.
Stanford physicist; 1961 Nobel Prize winner

Hollander, Xaviera, 1943-
nationality: Netherlands
father: Jewish psychiatrist (Dutch)
mother: Roman Catholic (German-French)
born in Surabaya (泗水), Indonesia
author of "The Happy Hooker" and "Child No More"
expelled from Canada

Holmes, Frederic Lawrence, 1932-2003.
science historian, Yale School of Medicine

Hong, Wei, 1962-    洪伟

Hong, Xuezhi, 1913-2006.   洪学智 开国上将

Hong Ying (1962- )   虹影

Daughter of the River
K: The Art of Love
Summer of betrayal

Hongyi, Buddhist Master, 弘一大師  see
      Li, Shutong, 1880-1942.  李叔同


Hopf, Heinz, 1894-1971.
MacTutor biography

Hopkins, Keith, 1934-2004.
born Morris Keith Hopkins
historian; prof. U. of Cambridge

Hopson, James .
University of Chicago

Horgan, Paul, 1903-1995.
Novelist; biographer; historian; recipient, Pulitzer Prize

Horn, Robert, 1916-2002.
constitutional law scholar at Stanford

Horowitz, Norman H. (Harold), 1915-2005.  
Caltech; explorer of Mars

Hou, Thomas Yizhao.  侯一釗
Charles Lee Powell Professor of Applied Mathematics
B.S. (Mathematics), South China University of Technology, June 1982
M.S. (Mathematics), UCLA, March, 1985
Ph.D.(Mathematics), UCLA, 1987

profile   profile2
晨興數學獎金獎 (Morningside Gold Medal)

House, Griffin.
singer; songwriter

Hovaness, Alan, 1911-2000.
prolific and speedy Armenian American composer
officially used spelling Hovhaness

Hovhaness, Alan, 1911-2000.
prolific and speedy Armenian American composer
sometimes spelled as Hovaness

Howard, H. Taylor, 1932-2002.
Henry Taylor Howard, professor emeritus at Stanford
father of the home satellite dish

Howe, Irving, 1920-1993.
social and literary critic
author of World of Our Fathers
City College '40; founding editor of Dissent Magazine, Distinguished Professor of Literature, City University of New York

Hoyan Hang Fung, Carole   何杏楓 (female)
"On the Translation of Eileen Chang's Fiction." The Hong Kong Translation Society ed., Translation Quarterly, no. 18 & 19 (March 2001), p. 99-136.

Hrabal, Bohumil, 1914-1997.
Czech novelist
fell to his death while feeding pigeons from a hospital window


Hsi, Muren, 1943-   席慕蓉
female poet/painter (also Xi Murong) of Mongolian descent

Hsi Muren 席慕蓉, a native Mongolian poet-painter believed to be the direct descent of Genghis Khan, was born in 1943 in China, but grew up in Taiwan. After completing her studies at the National Taiwan Normal University, she studied oil painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, graduating with the award Premier Prix avec la Plus Grande Distinction. She has since then held more than ten solo exhibitions, and has taught for several years at the Provincial Hsinchu Junior Normal College. While her oil paintings have earned her several awards both in Europe and Taiwan, she is widely known as a poet and essayist. Her first two poetry collections, Seven Miles of Fragrance (1981) and Youth of No Regret (1983) are so popular that they have been reprinted many times in Taiwan and mainland China, setting a new record of editions on contemporary Chinese poetry collections. Since then she has published more than twenty collections of poetry and prose. Her writings have focused mainly on Mongolian culture and the ecological crisis in Mongolia. Across the Darkness of the River, a selection of her poems in English translation was published by Green Integer Books, Los Angeles/Kobenhaven, 2001.

Hsia, C. T.
Hsia, Chih Tsing, 1921-    夏志清
younger brother of Tsi-an Hsia (1916-1965) 夏濟安
C. T. Hsia
Professor Emeritus of Chinese, Columbia
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 2006
(oldest member elected)
夏志清,哥倫比亞大學退休教授。為西洋文學專家,但以中國文學揚名,從其《中國現代小說史》撰述的用功精神,「濯去舊 見,以來新意」,融合中西的治學方法,並且挖掘許多現代極有潛力的作家,對於當代作家如余光中、陳世驤、盧飛白、於梨華、陳若曦等人都有極獨到且公正的見 解。除了《中國現代小說史》中英文著作外,另有英文專書《中國古典小說》,以及《愛情、社會、小說》、《文學的前途》、《人的文學》、《新文學的傳統》等 文學評論集。


Hsia, Po-Chia, 1955-   夏伯嘉
historian  美国耶鲁大学博士
賓夕法尼亞州立大學 Erwin Earle Sparks歷史學講座教授

Academician, Academia Sinica 2000


Hsia, Tsi-an, 1916-1965.  夏濟安
older brother of Chih-Tsing Hsia 夏志清


Hsiang, Wu-Chung, 1935-    項武忠
Academician, Academica Sinica (Taiwan) 


Hsiang, Wu-Yi, 1937-    項武義

Hsiao, Bi-khim.
蕭美琴  Taiwan's DPP legislator
Hsiao was born in Kobe, Japan, to a Taiwanese father and American mother.
Hsiao graduated from Oberlin College, has a master's degree in international relations from Columbia University and is fluent in Mandarin, English and Taiwanese.

Hsiao, Cheng, 1943-  蕭政
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1996
professor, USC
CAFA Achievement Award, 2004

Hsiao, Chi-ching, 1937-   蕭啟慶
PhD, Harvard
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 2000
from NetworkChinese

Hsiao, George Chai-Chu.   蕭家駒
Shanghai-born mathematician
Carl Rees Professor in Mathematics
U. of Delaware
B.S. (civil engineering), National Taiwan University
M.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University

Hsiao, Tai-Ran, 1938-      蕭泰然
born in Kaohsiung

Hsieh, Winston Wen-Sung   謝文孫
PhD, Harvard
U. of Missouri-St. Louis

Hsiung, James Chieh, 1935-     熊玠

学历:1955台湾大学 B.A
1960南伊利诺州立大学 M.A
1967哥伦比亚大学 Ph.D.
1964~1967 纽约大学政治系讲师
1967~1969 纽约大学政治系助理教授
1969~1975 纽约大学政治系副教授
1975~ 纽约大学政治系教授
国际事务研究所邀请於美国纽约大学政治系教授熊玠,於2003年12月23日,以"World Politics, Geo-economics, and the Question of a Pacific Century.″为题,从历史的脉络剖析全球经济发展的历程,熊玠教授断言:中国将是亚太地区经济体的火车头.
著名华裔美国纽约大学终身教授熊 玠分析,从第一次世界大战前,权力政治领导国家的情况,至第二次大战爆发,理想主义的完全破灭,国际间寻找一个新的组织行使国际权力,影响到今日WTO等 经济体系的崛起.今日国际市场开放与流通,和目前区域经济体的发展来看,经济转变为影响政治的一项重要因素.熊玠教授在演讲中预测,未来经济将走向 ASEM( Asia-Europe Meeting)与FTAA( Free Trade Area of the Americas)两大经济体对决的时代.
熊玠教授融合了对全球经济与两岸政治经贸互动之观察,将毕生之研究结晶,浓缩於两小时的演讲中,让整场学术交流过程,充满隽永的思想和智慧的结晶.熊玠教 授的幽默口吻和演讲方式,也使与会的所有老师,同学们笑声不断.另外,熊玠教授与国际事务所俞剑鸿教授师生俩的互动,更让会场增添了几许温馨.

Anarchy and Order)(浙江人民出版社2001年版中译本,以下简称《秩序》)一书中从一种跨学科的视角给出了自己的诠释。

熊玠(James C. Hsiung),1967年在哥伦比亚大学取得博士学位,长期在纽约大学执教,主要从事国际政治与国际法学的研究,他治学勤奋,著述丰厚,在学界、侨界都具有很高的知名度。他的《秩序》一书一出版就立即引起了强烈反响,《美国政治学评论》等许多权威刊物对其做了积极的介绍和评价。

Hsiung, Ping-chen.    熊秉真教授

Professor HSIUNG Ping-chen


Institute of Modern History

Academia Sinica, Taiwan 

Hsiung, Shih-li, 1885-1968.   熊十力
Xiong Shi-li

Hsu, Chao-Yang "Joe"  許朝陽
Lucia Chen 陳玉霞
Orlando, Florida

Hsu, Cheng-kuang     徐正光
Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica

Hsu, Cho-Yun, 1930-   許倬雲 
twin brother of Yih-Yun Hsu  許翼雲
professor emeritus of history, U. of Pittsburgh
member, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1980

Hsu, Fang-Yi, 1927-    許芳宜
see Sheu, Fang-Yi, 1927-
principal dancer, Martha Graham Dance Company


Hsu, Francis L. K., 1909-1999.
許烺光 or 许良光
Academia Sinica


Hsu, Frank H.     徐遐生
see Shu, Frank H.
son of Shien-Siu Shu
(pronounced Hsu Hsia-shen)

Hsu, Fu-kuan, 1903-1980. 徐復觀
philosopher; also Hsu Fu-guan
granddaughter: Madeline Hsu, Professor of Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University
A Chronology of Hsu Fu-kuan's Works (II) ....Li Han-chi  

Hsu, Fu-Tong, 1936-    徐福棟
spouse: 林詠梅


Hsu Hui-chih, 1966-   許悔之
was born in 1966 in Taoyuan, Taiwan. His career as a young poet began in 1981 when he won a poetry contest for high-school students in Taoyuan County. Later, as a student at National Taipei Institute of Technology, he co-organized an influential poetry society named "The Horizon." So far he has published six collections of poetry: Sunlight Beehive (1990), A Formosan Clan (1991), The Corporeal Body (1993), No Tears for Me, My Buddha (1994), When a Whale is Longing for the Ocean (1997), A Deer in Grief (2000) and Book of Reincarnation (forthcoming, Green Integer Books, Los Angeles/Kobenhaven). In addition to writing poetry on native Taiwanese soil, Hsu is also known for his Buddhist poems in which the poet shows in intense, and often paradoxical, images the struggle between the flesh and the soul, between humanity and divinity, between desires and attachment on the one hand and emptiness and transcendence on the other. He has won numerous awards and prizes for poetry, and his works appear in important anthologies both in Taiwan and in mainland China. He is now chief editor of Unitas: A Literary Monthly in Taipei.

Hsu, Immanuel C. Y., 1923-2005.   徐中約
Professor of History, U.C. Santa Barbara

徐中約 著,記秋楓、朱慶葆 譯,茅家琦、錢乘旦 校,2001,《中國近代史》,全2冊,香港:香港中文大學。

Prof. Hsu is an eminent scholar of Modern Chinese History, an expert on the foreign relations of Modern China and a holder of numerous academic distinctions and honors.  He is best known for his seminal works such as Intellectual Treands in the Ch'ing Period, China's Entrance into the Family of Nations: The Diplomatic Phase, 1858-1880; The Ili Crisis: A Study of Sino-Russian Diplomacy, 1871-1881, The Rise of Modern China, and China Without Mao: The Search for a New Order.  The Rise of Modern China, a wide used text in the United States as well as in Hong Kong since its first appearance in 1970, has run into six editions, with Hong Kong's reversion of sovereignty to China as a major theme of the latest edition.

Hsu, Jong-Ping,       許仲平
B.S., National Taiwan University, 1962
M.S., National Tsing-Hua University, 1965
PhD, University of Rochester, 1969
Chancellor Professor of Physics
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

(in memory of Professor Wolfgang Kroll, 1906-1992)

Hsu, Kai-yu, 1922-   許芥昱

Hsu, Li-Chih, 1950-    see  
Tsui, Lap-Chee, 1950-      (Tsui, pronounced "choy")
discovered the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis (CF)

Hsu, Madeline
    granddaughter of Hsu Fu-kuan
    Professor of Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University 


Hsu, Shi-kai, 1934-  许世楷


许世楷的妻子 盧千惠
盧千壽 -- 陳隆志的妻子



许世楷毕业于台中一中初中部、师大附中台湾大学法学院政治系,和前任中国国民党主席连战是高中及大学共七年的同窗同学。许世楷从军中退伍以後,在1959年获得日本文部省奖学金,前往东京留学。他在1960年2月,加入一个以留学生作为主体的台湾独立运动组织 -- 「台湾青年社」。该组织先后改组为「台湾青年会」及「台湾青年独立联盟」,他一直担任该组织的核心干部。



许世楷也是一个著作等身的学者。他在1968年获得东京大学法学博士学位以后,随即应津田塾大学之聘,担任国际关系学科教授,并在1995年以名誉教授的身份退休。他同时也于1998年开始在静宜大学兼课。他的重要学术作品包括以其博士论文为基础所改写的《日本统治下的台湾》(东京大学出版会 1984)等。


Hsu, Shien-Siu, 1912-2001   徐賢修
see Shu, Shien-Siu, 1912-2001.
father of Frank H. Shu

Hsu, Tsang-Houei, 1929-2001.    許常惠
Taiwanese composer  
also Xu Changhui  
Taiwan headlines

Hsu, Cho-Yun, 1930-    許倬雲
twin brother of Yih-Yun Hsu 許翼雲
      professor emeritus, University of Pittsburgh
      historian; Member, Academica Sinica

Hsu, Yih-Yun, 1930-     許翼雲
twin brother of Cho-Yun Hsu 許倬雲
Transport Processes in Boiling and Two-Phase Systems Including Near-Critical Fluids by Yih-Yun Hsu and Robert W. Graham, McGraw-Hill Companies, 1976.

Hsueh, Chun-tu, 1922-     薛君度

Hu, Dunfu          胡敦復

Hu, Feng, 1902-1985.   胡風

Hu, Fu, 1932-    胡佛
law and politics
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1998

Hu, Guoding, 1923-


Hu, Jane Hwa, 1940-
born in Lanzhou, China; raised in Taipei, Taiwan
NTU; B.A., New York University; Ph.D., Columbia University.
husband: Dr. Wen-jin Woan.
A Sojourner. (a collection of poems)  Baltimore, MD : Noble House, 1994.

Hu, John Y. H.  胡耀恆

Hu, Nai-Yuan.   胡乃元

Hu, Sen.  胡 森

Dr Hu Sen joined the US office as an Acquisitions Editor. He obtained his bachelor's degree in mathematics at the University of Science and Technology of China, and his Master of Science degree in mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Hu Sen is currently a visiting fellow at Princeton University, where he obtained his PhD in mathematics. His main responsibility at World Scientific is to build up our mathematics publishing programme

胡 森,男,现任中国科学技术大学数学系教授。

  1978-1983,就读于中国科技大学数学系,获学士学位,1983-1986,就读于中国科学院系统科学研究所,获硕士学位,1986-1990,就读于美普林斯顿大学,获博士学位,导师:J. Mather, W. Thurston。

   1990-1992, 美西北大学数学系助理教授;1992-1993,法高工访问研究(M. Herman);1993-1994,美普林斯顿高等研究院访问研究;1996-1997,美纽约市立大学(爱因斯坦讲座教授D. Sullivan邀)访问;1994-1996,1997-1999,美普林斯顿大学访问研究。

Hu, Sheng-Cheng, 1940-    胡勝正
Academician, Academia Sinica 2000

Hu, Shih, 1891-1962.   胡適 (適之)
Cornell, 1914; first son, Hu Twu-Wang, 胡祖望﹐Cornell, 1942; grandson, Victor Hu, 胡復﹐Cornell, 1978.
second son, Hu Si-Du, 胡思杜﹐named in honor of philosopher John Dewey.

Hu, Sze-Tsen, 1914-1999. 胡世楨
     Academician, Academia Sinica

Hu, Yaoyu, 1982-    胡耀宇


Hua, Loo-keng, 1910-1985.   華羅庚
China's father of modern mathematics

see also Hwang 

Huang, Alice S., 1939-    黃詩厚
Alice S. H. Huang; Alice Shih-hou Huang
born in Nanchang, China
B.S., M.S., PhD, Johns Hopkins University
Academia Sinica
husband: David Baltimore, Nobel laureate, Pres., Caltech
Accomplished Chinese-American

Huang, Rev. B. T.  (黃武東牧師 D.D.)

Huang, Chin-shing   黃進興

Hoyt Tillman, Business as a Vocation: The Autobiography of Mr. Wu Ho-su. Harvard University Press, 2002.  This is Prof. Tillman's translation (with an introduction and epilogue) of Huang Chin-shing's Ban shiji de fendou: Wu
Huoshi xiansheng koushu zhuanji (Taibei: Yunchen wenhua gongsi, 1990).  Mr. Wu Ho-su is a Taiwanese businessman.  Here is a short introduction from the
web site of Harvard University Press:

Wu Ho-Su (1919-1986) pioneered business ventures ranging from cloth and synthetic fiber industries to department stores and life insurance. This son of a crippled former coolie began as a laborer for a Japanese cloth-importing company in the 1930s, but eventually became a manager and then an independent entrepreneur. Overcoming business obstacles in Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist-ruled Taiwan after 1945, Mr. Wu painstakingly built Shinkong into Taiwan's sixth-largest business enterprise by the 1980s. This account of Wu Ho-Su's life, developed by Mr. Wu working directly with Dr. Huang Chin-shing of the Academia Sinica, one of Taiwan's most distinguished historians, is instructive for the lessons it offers about both business practices in East Asia and their interplay with Confucian values. The book recounts with graphic examples the changing role of family and other networks in Taiwan's economic "miracle" and in the region more generally.
The blend that Mr. Wu evidenced of business acumen and concern for Confucianism, in turn, raises broader questions of the type that scholars and businesspeople have strenuously debated since the time of Max Weber
about the compatibility of Confucian norms and modern business practices.

Huang, Chun-chieh, 1946-     黃俊傑
professor of history, NTU

Huang, Frank C.  黃景聰
younger brother of Simon C. Huang 景祥
co-founder of Vertex Networks, acquired by Mitel, Canada
founder, iStore

Huang, Fu-san.  (also Fusan Huang) 黃富三
Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

Huang, Gongwang, 1269-1354.  黃公望
Yuan Dynast artist (four great painters of Yuan Dynasty: Ni Zan, Huang Gonwang, Wu Zhen, and Wang Meng)

Huang, Hai-Tai, 1901-2007.
obituary 2

Huang, Hsiang-Ping
(female) mathematician

Huang, Hui-chuan (黄慧娟). 1997. Transparency and opacity in place and nasal assimilation. Ph.D. dissertation of The University of Minnesota.

Huang, Jane.
Jane Chia-Chu Lue Huang
The Primordial Breath.  2v.  Torrance, CA : Original Books, 1987-1990   v.2,  2nd rev. ed., 1998.

Huang, Kerson, 1928-2001.  黃克孫
PhD student: Eisenberg, Judah Moshe, 1938-1998.
with wife Rosemary (Verducci) Huang, I Ching (1987)
interview with C. N. Yang on statistical mechanics (July 29, 2000)
Taida colloquium poster

Huang, Ray, 1918-2000.  黃仁宇
Huang Ren

Huang, Shau-Ku.    黃嘯谷
Johns Hopkins University

Huang, Shih Lien.  黃世廉
Calculations of expanding shock waves and late-stage
Philadelphia, 1967.
xvi, 121 leaves.  29 cm.
Thesis (PhD, Mechanical Engineering), U. of Penn, 1967.
spouse: Dora Huang 柳鍾城

Huang, Shuanfan    黃宣範
Shuan-fan Huang, linguist 
Xuanfan Huang

Huang, Simon C.   景祥
older brother of Frank C. Huang 黃景聰 景祥
co-founder of Vertex Networks, acquired by Mitel, Canada
founder, iStore

Huang, Siu-chi, 1913-   黃秀璣
prof. emerita of philosophy at Beaver College (now Arcadia Univ.)
on Lu Hsiang-shan 象山 (Penn, PhD, 1944)
specialist on 鲁一士; 张载
Essentials of Neo-Confucianism

Huang, Ta-Chou "Thomas"  黃大洲
Ph.D., Cornell, 1971, rural sociology
mayor of Taipei, 1990-1995
former student of Lee Teng-hui
Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) President

Huang, Tu-shui, 1895-1930.  黃土水
first Taiwanese fine-art sculptor

Huang, Xiaojun
(Xiaojun Huang)美国Rutgers大学教授, 2005年受聘为国家教育部长江学者奖励计划讲座教授武汉大学

Huang, Yi-Long, 1956-     黃一農
personal page
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 2006

黃一農,清華大學人文社會學院院長,清大物理學士、哥倫比亞大學天文學博士,1987年回台,卻因對歷史發生興趣,應徵清大歷史所教職;因為他學過天文 史,校方給他兩年時間轉換跑道,他不但順利轉型,還得獎無數,他嘗試拓展「社會 天文史」之新學門,並經由對唐代麟德曆及敦煌殘曆的個案分析,將曆法學史的 研究推向新的領域。

新科院士》黃一農 讀物理、天文的史學家




黃一農知道自己竟與當年在哥倫比亞攻讀博士時景仰的前輩、夏志清教授同時當選院士,覺得十分榮幸。獲選院士隔天清早,就趕去探視中風的前清大校長沈君山, 他是黃一農就讀清大物理系時的老師;後來黃一農以第一名畢業,成為哥大天文學博士。但人生機緣巧妙,竟轉型為史學家,並當選人文及社會科學組的院士。




他謙稱,「院士光環加身,黃一農也不會變黃二農,不見得能影響更多人」,但他安排到各高中生營隊,分享人生的看法和期待,提供不一樣的思考模式;為幫助更 多的年輕人勇敢的追逐夢想,近來他向校友募款千餘萬元辦「逐夢獎學金」,幫助年輕人挑戰極限,「去遨遊世界、攀登高峰,只要提出具體計畫,你敢做夢,我就 幫你完成」。




【2006/07/12 聯合報】

Huang, Zi, 1904-1938.   黃自  also Huang Tzu
Chinese composer
graduated in 1929 from Yale University
Flying Banners 旗正飄飄
Homeland 故鄉

Huang, Wen-tao   黃文濤
Professor of Management Sciences
Tamkang University
Tamsui, Taipei

Huang, Wu-Hsiung, 1943-    黃武雄
retired Professor of Mathematics
National Taiwan University
mathematics education reformer
Island-wide Thousand Miles Walkpath
My mathematics career
from S. M. Lee homepage

Huang, Yunte
professor of English, Harvard

Hubbard, David Allan, 1927 or 1928-1996. (age 68)
Dr. David Hubbard (B.A., B.D., Th.M., Ph.D., D.D., L.H.D., Lit.D.) served as professor of Old Testament and president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Hughes, David, 1930-2005.
born David John Hughes
British novelist

Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967.
noted writer about Negro life
the "O. Henry of Harlem"
Lincoln University graduate

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998.
British poet laureate since 1963; husband of Sylvia Plath.

Hughes, Vernon Willard, 1921-2003.
Yale physicist (a subatomic specialist)

Humphry, Derek, 1930-
founder, National Hemlock Society
Playboy interview, August 1992

Huneker, James Gibbons, 1857 (or 1860)-1921.
born in Philadelphia; died in Brooklyn, NY
American music critic

Hung, Cheng Y.
Cheng Yen Hung, PhD  洪承延
Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, DC  
spouse: Hsiu-Mei Wang 王秀美

Hunter, Clementine
, 1886?-1988.  folk artist

Huntley, George Haydn
, 1905-2001.
authority on Italian Renaissance sculptor Andrea Sansovino

Huo, T. C.

Hurst, G. Cameron, III
Professor of Japanese and Korean Studies, Penn

Hurston, Zora Neale, 1891-1960.
   A great writer

Hwa, Terence

PhD, physics, MIT, 1990
UC San Diego

see also Huang 

Hwang, C. J.     黃呈嘉
Cherng-Jia & Elizabeth Hwang  沈雲
Karen Hwang
Oral history of Irving Berlin Kahn
Luminent OIC (Optronics Int'l Corp.) 嘉信光電

Hwang, Chang-Chien, 1919-    黃彰健
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 1982

Hwang, Chi-en
Professor, Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH

My husband, Lop Fat Ho, teaches in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Wright State University.

My father, Chien-hou Hwang, is emeritus professor in the Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling at the National Taiwan Normal University. His recent publications include the textbook Personality Psychology published by Psychological Publishing Co. and the autobiography Grow in Grace published by Cosmic Care.

My mother, Chu-ti Tai, is emeritus professor at Taipei Institute of Technology in Taiwan.

Hwang, Chien-Hou, 1919-    黃堅厚
spouse: Chu-ti Tai
daughter: Chi-En Hwang

英国 Glasgow大学哲学博士 台湾师范大学教育心理系荣退教授


抗日战争末期,应政府征召,被派往印缅军区美军第十四医院服务,抗日战争胜利后,参加中央实验院心理卫生室, 推动积极性心理卫生工作。1956年秋,受聘在台湾省立师范大学任教,致力于该校心理学教学的改进及研究工作,设计兴建心理实验大楼,创办《心理与教育学 报》(现改称《教育心理学报》)。

一 九五六年至台灣省立師範學院(今國立台灣師範大學)教育學系任教。一九六○至一九六一年在倫敦Tavistock精神醫學研究所研習臨床心理學。一九六八 年於台灣師範大學創立教育心理學系(現改稱為教育心理與輔導學系),主持系務達四年。一九九○年於師 大退休。


师大心辅系黃堅厚教授是国内心理测验界的泰斗,他本人也发展及修订多个量表,包括“麦布二氏性格量表”(MBTI)。哈佛企管公司出版的“知人又知心”一书,则以此架构发展 出“柯塞人格气质量表”,共七十题,测出四种主型、十六种子型。四种主型是能力型(又分为建筑师型、发明家型、科学家型、陆军元帅型)、理想型(逐梦者 型、记者型、作家型、教育家型)、享乐型(艺人型、艺术家型、促进者型、工技者型)和责任型(推销员型、保存者型、行政者型及信托者型)。

在恩典中成長 ──黃堅厚教授自述   < 宇宙光, 2006 >

A comparative study of social attitudes of adolescent in Glasgow and in Taipei (Asian folklore and social life monographs)  Oriental Book Co., 1974.

"Racial/Ethnic Identity of Preschool Children, Comparing Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States," by J.Kenneth Morland and Chien-Hou Hwang.  Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Vol. 12, No. 4, 409-424 (1981)

"Attitudes of Chinese University Students toward Dating and Mate Selection" 教育心理學報 7期(1974/06)  p. 1-14

中国吏治制度史概要/(英)普雷斯顿(George H.Preston)著;黄坚厚译.-影印本/中文 出版发行/载体形态: 台北:三民书局股份有限公司,1984

精神醫學是什麼? 對自己行為的瞭解 /普勒斯敦撰 ; 黃堅厚譯. .--台北市 :心理,1981[民70]

心理與生活/黃國彥, 黃堅厚, 宋維村等著 臺北市:桂冠出版:聯經總經銷,1987[民76]


人格心理學 /黃堅厚著  台北市 :心理 ,1999[民88]

collaborators: 路君約 , 盧欽銘

Hwang, David Henry, 1957-   黃哲倫
Los Angeles-born playwright 
Stanford '79; Yale School of Drama
M. Butterfly (a Tony for best play, 1988)

Hwang, Karen. 
counseling psychologist
a spinal cord injury (SCI) survivor since 1988

Assisted suicide by Laura K. Egendorf.  San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1998.
Chapter 3: Legalizing physician-assisted suicide would not threaten the disabled / Karen Hwang

Contemporary perspectives on rational suicide / by James L Werth. Philadelphia : Brunner/Mazel, 1999.
Rational suicide and the disabled individual: self-determination versus social problems / Karen Hwang

End-of-life choices symposium, Oct. 13, 2003
Karen Hwang's text

Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation 
7 (1) Summer 2001 : 25-36. (Women and SCI)
Mothers with Spinal Cord Injuries: Impact on Family Division of Labor, Family Decision Making, and Rearing of Children / by Craig J. Alexander PhD, Karen Hwang MEd, Marcalee Sipski MD

Karen Hwang of Watchung, N.J., needed a way to use her speakerphone without help. "So we taped the receiver down and stood the phone on end on a table. Then I could hit all the buttons using my mouthstick page turner. Of course, I still need someone to give me the page turner, but we're working on that ... "
Corbett, Disability: grandmother of invention

Karen Hwang, M.Ed., studying disability and attachment in personal relationships, found people in a relationship were generally more satisfied in their lives than those who were not. Her findings underscored the importance of secure, intimate relationships to individual quality of life for people with disabilities. ---Tepper, Sexuality and Quality of Life

It is even possible that the legalisation of assisted suicide may actually enhance a person's quality of life. Says Karen Hwang, an American counselling psychologist, "Recent accounts of patients in Holland (euthanasia has been unofficially legalised there) show that the availability of legal methods to end one's life prolongs life by reassuring people that an end to the suffering will be there when needed. This is closely related to a psychological concept called locus of control. The principle is self-evident: the more control we feel we have, the better we feel about ourselves."
from Rediff

Hwang, Mei-shu   黃美序
浙江樂青人,Florida State University戲劇博士,現任教淡江大學西洋語文研究所,從事中西文學、戲劇編導、兒童劇場、舞台設計、電影等方面的研究,主編過Tamrang Review。著有:《幕前幕後.台上台下》、《論戲說劇》、《象牙塔外》、《舞台劇》等書。


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黃美序也曾數度擔任金馬獎的評審,且曾擔任亞太影展的評審。 對於目前以小說改編為電影的作法,覺得是一條很不錯的路,因為小說本身已有較完整的故事架構,表現上會好得多,不過黃美序教授也頗擔心,怕又成了一窩蜂,到時弄得一團糟,如果最後把這條不錯的路給弄壞了,那真的是很可惜的。


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