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Kahlo, Frida, 1907-1954.
artist; Diego Rivera's wife

Kailath, Thomas, 1935-
born in Poona, India
Stanford Hitachi professor emeritus of electrical engineering
awarded IEEE's highest honor

Kamimura, Shoen, 1875-1949.  上村 松園
the greatest female artist of the Taisho era

Kanai, Mieko
, 1947-   金井 美惠子

Japanese writer
entry from Wikipedia
Kanai Mieko (1947-), arguably the most able and strategically aware writer of poetry and prose fiction in contemporary Japan, demonstrates a keen consciousness of corporeality-or the body's command of space-manifest in gesture, fashion and other rhetorical measures not limited to speech and writing, which one might attribute to her intimacy with French new wave film. Constant references to material and physical detail, which makes her work appear deceptively accessible, do not remain simply descriptive: they are purposely selected and arranged in order to subtly communicate the semiology of space as articulated by Jean Baudrillard, coordinating and coordinated by the rhetoric of the verbal.

"Boshizo" (Portrait of Mother and Child, 1972

Kanai Mieko is a Tokyo-based poet, essayist, film critic and storywriter. Her collected short stories were published in Japan in 1992, and the stories that make up the "When Treading on Soft Earth" series will be published there in 1997.


Kane, Joseph Nathan, 1899-2002.
author of Famous First Facts

Kaneshiro, Takeshi, 1973-   金城  武
3/4 Taiwanese, 1/4 Japanese
(father is half-Japanese and half-Taiwanese;
mother is Taiwanese)
born in Taiwan; attended TAS (Taipei American School)
House of Flying Daggers

Kanter, Rosabeth Moss. 
Professor, Harvard
from Harvard

Kao, Charles H. C.   高希均
PhD, Michigan State University

President of Commonwealth Publishing


密西根州立大學博士,執教於美國威斯康辛大學經濟系達三十四年。曾任經合會人力小組顧問、台大商學研究所講座教授、經濟部顧問、第一屆海基會董事、第一屆 國統會研究委員。目前為行政院顧問、國會觀察基金會董事、蔣氏工業慈善基金會(香港)董事、趨勢網路軟體教育基金會董事。

Kao, Charles K., 1933-    高錕
(born in Shanghai)
father of fiber optic communication
Chinese bio

Kao, George, 1912-2008.  高克毅 <喬治高>
younger brother: Irving Kao

高克毅(筆名喬志高),祖籍南京,生於美國密西根州。燕京大學畢業,美國米蘇里大學新聞學院碩士、哥倫比亞大學國際關係碩士。名翻譯家、雙語記者及散文作 家。曾在報社、通訊社工作,後為香港中文大學客座高級研究員,創編《譯叢》。譯著中英文書刊二十餘種,包括《大亨小傳》、《一言難盡》、及《恍如昨日》。 高氏中英雙語造詣之高,為近世稀有。

本名高克毅。1912 年生於美國密西根州,在南京、北京、上海成長,燕京大學畢業,密蘇里新聞學院、哥倫比亞大學碩士。三○年代擔任上海中英文報刊特約通訊,歷任紐約中華新聞 社編輯、舊金山《華美周報》主筆、華盛頓「美國之音」編輯、香港中文大學客座高級研究員,編創英文《譯叢》雜誌。

obituary from Washington Post
obituary from nddaily
entry from wikipedia

Kao, Irving K. Y.   高克永
younger brother of George Kao

A New Dictionary of Idiomatic American English

《最新通俗美语词典》,高克毅,高克永 著,北京大学出版社2006年,42元


Kao, Min H., 1949-   高民環
founder of Garmin
Min H. Kao (Chinese: 高民環) was the co-founder of Garmin Corporation with Gary Burrell.

He was born in 1949 in a small town in Taiwan called Chushang (竹山, pinyin: Zhúshān) in Nantou (南投縣).

Before founding Garmin, Min Kao served as a systems analyst at Teledyne Systems. Min Kao graduated from National Taiwan University with a BS degree,  then joined the University of Tennessee, where he earned his M.S. and PhD degrees in electrical engineering and was involved in research for NASA AND the U.S. Army. 

Kao Yang (1926-1992)  高陽
real name: Xu Anping,本名许晏骈,字雁冰
some give 1922-1992
(Gao Yang)

高阳(1926—1992年),本名许晏骈,字雁冰,浙江人。出身于钱塘望族。1962年发表第一部历史小说《李娃》,一鸣惊人。《慈禧全传》、《红顶商 人》、《胡雪岩》。“红楼梦断”系列等使他成为当代知名度最高的历史小说家之一,读者遍及全球华人世界。高阳的历史小说注重历史氛围的真实,又擅编故事, 论者称其”擅长工笔白描,注重墨色五彩,旨在传神,写人物时抓住特征,寥寥数语,境界全出”。一生著作凡九十余部,约105册。 

《胡雪岩全传》 红顶商人/高阳
Stories by Gao Yang (Chinese University Press, 1989)

Kao, Yu-Kung, 1929-    高友工
B.A., Taida; PhD, Harvard, 1962
retired from Princeton; born in Mukden, China

Kaplansky, Irving, 1917-2006.


Kapuscinski, Ryszard, 1932-2007.
Polish writer
best known for The Emperor

Karlgren, Bernhard, 1889-1978.
sinologist  高本漢

Karlgren, B. (高本汉). 1915-1926. Etudes sur la phonologie Chinoise. Leyde, Stockholm, and Goteborg. 1930. 北京影印,汉题《中华语音学研究》;赵元任,罗常培,李方桂合译,1936. 改题《中国音韵学研究》,商务印书馆出版.
———. 1928. Problems in archaic Chinese. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society pp.769-813.
———. 1954. Compendium of phonetics in ancient and archaic Chinese. Bulletin of Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities 16:1-46.

Karsh, Yousuf, 1908-2002.
Canadian photographer

Katz, Sir Bernard, 1911-2003.
Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, 1970

Katz, Paul Russell, 1961-
康豹教授  cv
B.A., Yale, 1984
M.A., Princeton, 1988
PhD, Princeton, 1990



Institute of Modern History

Academia Sinica, Taiwan 

r: Katz, Paul R.
Title: Images of the Immortal : The Cult of Lü Dongbin at the Palace of Eternal Joy
Published: Honolulu : University of Hawaii PRess, 1999
ISBN: 0-8248-2170-X

Shelfmark: BL1812.G63 K37 1995
Author: Katz, Paul R.
Title: Demon Hordes and Burning Boats : the Cult of Marshal Wen in Late Imperial Chekiang / Paul R. Katz
Published: Ithaca : New York State Univ. Pr., 1995
Description: xviii, 261 p.
Series: SUNY Series in Chinese Local Studies
ISBN: 0-7914-2662-9
Bib. note: Includes bibliographical references and index
Subjects: Marshal Wen (Chinese Deity)
Chekiang Province (China) - Religious life and customs

Shelfmark: DS799.7.K38 2005
Author: Katz, Paul R.
Title: When valleys turned blood red : the Ta-pa-ni incident in colonial Taiwan / Paul R. Katz
Published: Honolulu : Univ. of Hawai'i Pr., 2005
Description: xvi, 313 p. : ill., maps
ISBN: 0-8248-2915-8
Language: eng.
Bib. note: Includes notes, glossary, bibliographical references (p.277-306) and index
Subjects: T'ai-wan - History - 1895-1945

Shelfmark: 4254-3595 Mfe.
Author: Katz, Paul R.
Title: Plague Festivals in Chekiang in Late Imperial China / Paul Russell Katz
Published: Princeton Univ., 1990
Description: ix, 333 p. : ill. [5 fiches]
Bib. note: incl. bibliographical references, orig. Chinese text and bibliography

Katzman, Herbert, 1923-2004.
Expressionist pain


Kawabata, Yasunari, 1899-1972.   川端康成
Japanese novelist; Nobel Prize winner
from wikipedia

Kawashima Watkins, Yoko

Kazazis, Kostas, 1934-2002.
linguist at U. of Chicago

Kazan, Elia, 1909-2003.
influential movie director
born Elia Kazanjoglous

Kazin, Alfred, 1915-1998.
literary critic

Keene, Donald.
'42 Columbia College; '50 GSAS Columbia

Keillor, Garrison
writer of  Lake Wobegan

Keller, Helen, 1880-1968.

Kemeny, John G., 1926-1993.
John George Kemeny
co-deveoper of BASIC language with Thomas E. Kurtz
at Dartmouth College in 1964

Kempton, Murray, 1917-1997.
New York journalist
born in Philadelphia, grew up in Baltimore
Pulitzer Prize, 1985 
until his death in 1997Barbara Epstein lived with journalist Murray Kempton. 

Kennan, George Frost, 1904-2005.
diplomat, historian
two-time Pulitzer Prize winner
coined the term "containment"

Kennedy, George Alexander, 1901-1960.
George A. Kennedy
Yale sinologist responsible for Yale romanization system John DeFrancis' teacher at Yale

Keno twins
Leslie and Lehigh Keno
Find!  (
Antiques Roadshow on PBS


Kerr, Chester, 1912 or 1913-1999. (age 86)  
Yale 1936 (with novelist John Hersey)
director emeritus of Yale University Press

Kerry, John, 1943-
U.S. Senator from Massachussetts
Yale, 1966
married to Teresa Heinz
John Kerry for President

Kevles, Daniel J.
Yale professor of history of science
The Baltimore case (1998)
In the name of eugenics (1985)
Physicists (1978)

Khan, Vilayat, 1928-2004.
renowned sitar player

Kiang, Clyde   江運貴

Clyde Kiang's interview
Hakkas in Taiwan

Kidder, Tracy, 1945-
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Soul of a New Machine

Kilby, Jack S., 1923-2005.
Jack St. Clair Kilby
inventor of microchip (integrated circuit)
Nobel Prize in Physics, 2000
National Medal of Science, 1969

Kildall, Gary, 1942-1994
CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers)

Kilgour, Frederick G., 1914-2006.
OCLC founder
the Frederick G. Kilgour Award (from LITA)

Killingley, D. H.
Dermot H. Killingley, Professor of Sanskrit
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Killingley, D. M. (Dermot McDowell) 1900-1980.
grandfather of D. H. Killingley (Dermot H. Killingley)


Killingley, Dermot.
Professor of Sanskrit
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
PhD (London); MA (Oxonian)
D. H. Killingley (Dermot H. Killingley)
grandfather: Captain D. M. Killingley (Dermot McDowell Killingley)

Killingley, Siew-Yue, 1940-2004.
PhD, linguistics, 1972, University of London
husband: Prof. Dermot Killingley
born in Kuala Lumpur (Dec. 17, 1940)
died June 8, 2004

Kindleberger, Charles P., 1910-2003.
Charles Poor Kindleberger II
economic historian
Marshall Plan

King, Alice, 1934-       金美齡
Mei-Ling Chin
husband: Ying-Ming Chou  周英明

King, Ambrose Y. C., 1935-  金耀基
(Chin Yeo-chi)  
Academica Sinica (Taiwan)

King, B. B., 1925-
Blues Boy King; King of the Blues
born Riley B. King

Kingston, Maxine Hong, 1940-   湯亭亭
Oakland-born writer

Kingston, Maxine Hong, 1940-   湯亭亭
Oakland-born writer

The Woman Warrior. New York: Vintage Books, 1975. [国图,中心] 《巾帼英雄》/《女战士》/《女斗士》
China Men. Vintage International, 1980. [国图,中心] 《金山勇士》/《杜鹃休向耳边啼》
《金山华人》, 李美华译,长春:吉林人民出版社, 1985年.
《杜鹃休向耳边啼》,张时译,台湾皇冠出版社,1980.【Added on July. 7, 2006】
Hawai'i One Summer. San Francisco: Meadow P, 1987. [中心] 《夏威夷之夏》
Through the Black Curtain. Berkeley : The Friends of the Bancroft Library, U of California, Berkeley, 1987. 【Added on July. 7, 2006】
Tripmaster Monkey:His Fake Book. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1989.[国图,中心]《引路人孙行者:他的即兴曲》/《猢狲行者:他的膺径》/《猴行者:其伪书》/《孙行者:他的伪书》/《引路人孙行者》
To be the Poet. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2002. [国图]
The Fifth Book of Peace. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. [国图,中心] 《第五部和平之书》/《和平第五书》

亚裔/华裔美国人集中在加州,华裔美国作家也多出在加州。被称为“华裔美国文学之母”的黄玉雪(Jade Snow Wong,1922-)和已经走进美国主流文学圈的汤亭亭(Maxine Hong Kingston,1940-)在加州,大名鼎鼎的谭恩美(Amy Tan, 1952-)和赵健秀(Frank Chin,1940-)在加州,90年代走红的李健孙(Gus Lee,1947-)、雷祖威(David Wong Louie,1955-)和梁志英(Russell Leong,1950-)也在加州。王文思 (Katharine Wang, 1986- ) 好像一株小苗,在华裔美国文学浓郁的氛围

现在华裔美国文学队伍里,年轻的成名女小说家伍慧明(Fae Myenne Ng,1957-)和张岚(Lan Samantha Chang,1965-)已经三、四十岁了,而王文思今年才十八岁。如果以黄玉雪的年龄为起点,20年算一代的话,王文思应当是第四代人,黄玉雪可算是她 的太祖母作家。即使按照赵健秀对亚裔/华裔美国文学最严格的界定 ,王文思作为亚裔/华裔美国作家完全够格,因为对亚裔/华裔美国文学批评作出重大贡献的林英敏(Amy Ling, 1939—99) 生于北京,六岁时被父母带到美国,1954年才取得美国国籍。现在谁也没有怀疑她作为杰出华裔美国作家的身份

Kinkley, Jeffrey C.   金公甫
Professor of History, St. John's University, New York

Kinsley, Michael, 1951-
Rhodes Scholar

Kishida, Kunio, 1890-1954. 岸田國士
Japanese playwright

Kunio Kishida - Three Plays - Paper Balloon, New Cherry Leaves. Love Phobia translated by Masako Yuasa.
ISBN 0 9516557 4 4 (pages 80, £3.75)
Kunio Kishida (1890-1954) was born in Tokyo as the first-born son of a military family. Although he started a career in the military, he disliked it and became an academic in the field of French literature. He wrote a number of plays, novels and criticisms whilst also translating French novels and plays into Japanese. He was a founder member of the Literature Theatre Company (Bungaku Za) and staged original Japanese plays as well as those from the West. Kishida's distinctive theatrical style, sometimes described as 'Photographic Realism', together with his sophisticated perspective on Japanese identity, served to influence a succession of other Japanese playwrights. Amongst his plays the best known in his native country are Autumn in Tirol (1924), Paper Balloon (1926), The Shower (1926), Diary of Falling Leaves (1927), Two Daughters of Mr. Sawa (1935), A Warm Current (1943), Hayamizu Girls School (1948) etc. The annual Kunio Kishida Play Award (Kishida Kunio Gikyoku-shô) is regarded as the most prestigious prize for young playwrights and to win the prize is to gain recognition as a professional playwright in Japan today.

Kita, Morio, 1927-
novelist; psychiatrist
father: Saito Mokichi

Kitahara, Hakushu, 1885-1942.   北原白秋

Kitani, Minoru, 1909-1975.  木谷 實
Japanese go player; friend and rival of Go Seigen 吳清源
Shin Fuseki

Kittredge, George Lyman, 1860-1941.
Shakespearean and Chaucerian scholar; philologist
known at Harvard as "Kitty"

Klein, Carol Ebersol.
Personajes / Carol Ebersol Klein y Jorge Miguel Guitart. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1992.
now Carol Fox

Klein, Richard Barry, 1938-2003.
Professor of Spanish; Rotarian
Managing the high school foreign language department : a handbook for teachers and administrators / Richard B. Klein, Sam L. Slick, [editors].
Lincolnwood, Ill. : National Textbook Company, c1996.
xxvi, 258 p. ; 23 cm 


Klein, Richard G., 1941-
the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University
NAS, 2003

Klemperer, Otto, 1885-1973.
conductor and composer

Kloppenberg, James
   professor of history, Harvard

Knapp, Gwenn S.
B.A., Bucknell
born in Toronto, Canada
123 E. Nields St.
West Chester, PA 19382
Magisterial District Judge

District Court 15-1-04, West Chester, PA (East side)
She has three adult children -- G. Elias Ganim, Esquire, an attorney; Emily Anmuth, a teacher; and Andrew Ganim, an engineer.

Knight, Michael, 1953-
curator of Asian art collection

Knoll, Andrew H.  paleontologist, professor of biology


Fisher Professor of Natural History, Harvard U.
member, National Academy of Science

A native of south central Pennsylvania, Knoll is a graduate of Lehigh University, and earned his doctorate at Harvard. He is a leading authority on Proterozoic life (544-2500 million years old), environmental change in the later part of Precambrian time, and the rapidly developing field of chemostratigraphy. He has also been involved in recent work, with Chinese scientists, on fossil embryos from the earliest Cambrian. A member of the National Academy of Sciences, Knoll is also the curator of the Paleobotanical Collections and chair of the department of organismic and evolutionary biology.

Life on a Young Planet: the first three billion years of evolution on earth (Princeton U.P.)

Knowles, Jeremy R., 1935-
biochemist; former Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University

Knudsen, Eric I.

Knuth, Donald E., 1938-
Stanford, computer programming pioneer
no email address

Ko, Dorothy. (a native of Hong Kong) 高彦颐
Professor of Chinese History
Barnard College, Columbia University
B.A., M.A., PhD, Stanford
specialist on footbinding
   高彦颐(Dorothy Ko)美国斯坦福大学国际关系学学士、东亚历史系博士,专攻明清社会史及比较妇女史。曾任教加州大学圣地亚哥分校及新泽西州立罗格斯大学历史及妇女研究 系,现为纽约哥伦比亚大学巴纳德分校历史系教授。近作有(步步生莲:绣鞋与缠足文化)(Every Step a Lotus; Shoes for Bound Feet, University of California Press,2001)及(灰姑娘的姐妹:缠足的修正历史)(Cinderella's Sisters: A Revisionist History of Footbinding University of California Press,2005)等书。

闺塾师:明末清初江南的才女文化  译者: 李志生(2005)

Ko, Wen-Hsiung  柯文雄
plant pathologist
U. of Hawaii at Manoa, Hilo, HI

Kodaira, Kunihiko, 1915-1997.   小平邦彦
McTutor bio
from Wiki
小平邦彦(Kunihiko Kodaira)和 Jean-Pierre Serre 荣获 1954 Fields奖

Kojima, Nobuo, 1915-2006.  小島 信夫
Japanese writer who won Akutagawa Prize (1954) and Tanizaki Prize (1970).
entry from wikipedia

日本小说家。第三新人代表作家。歧阜市生。曾担任过教职。第二次世界大战时应征入伍。主要作品有《美国学校》(1954)、《岛》(1955)、《裁判》 (1956)、《夜与昼之锁》(1959)、《女流》(1960)、《抱拥家族》(1965)、《分手的理由》(1968)等。其中《美国学校》为芥川奖 获奖作。写弱者的心理变化过程。《抱拥家族》则描写大学讲师三轮俊介与病妻之间的情感纠葛与危机,生动展示了经济高度成长期日本社会变革、旧式家庭关系的 解体。作品发表后引起很大影响,并获首届各峙润一郎奖。他的小说联系现代社会紧密,常常以幽默的风格和富有个性的笔触,揭示人际间的关系。

Koizumi, Yakumo   小泉八雲
   see Hearn, Lafcadio

Kolb, Dr. Lawrence, 1881-1972.
also an eminent psychiatrist. Dr. Kolb Sr. pioneered the medical approach to narcotics addiction treatment and advocated treating drug addicts as patients, not criminals.

Kolb, Dr. Lawrence C., 1911-2006.
American psychiatrist
leader in mental health movement
obit, NY Times, October 28, 2006


Kong, Jin Au, 1942-2008.   孔金瓯  
MIT professor of Electrical Engineering
PhD, Syracuse
M.S., Chiao-Tung University
B.S., Taida, 1962
Tainan First Senior High School, 1958
孔金的那本很有名的书《Electromagnetic Wave Theory》
obit from MIT
EM Academy

Konner, Melvin J.
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at Emory University.

Konvitz, Milton Ridvas, 1908-2003.
influential constitutional scholar
professor at Cornell

Koo, Anthony Y. C., 1918-   顧應昌
Academician, Academica Sinica

Korg, Cynthia

Korg, Jacob.  高格
Professor emeritus of English
University of Washington
Home address:
6530 51 Avenue NE Seattle, Washington 98115
George Gissing specialist
taught in Taiwan

Kosinski, Jerzy, 1933-1991.
Polish-American novelist; committed suicide

Koss, Nicholas.    康士林
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
PhD, Indiana Univ., 1981 (comparative lit)

Krauskopf, Konrad B., 1910-2003.
a pioneer in geochemistry at Stanford

Kraybill, Donald,
Anabaptist (Amish) scholar
PhD, Temple, 1975   cv
Donald B. Kraybill
MennoLink Books and Music

Kroll, Wolfgang, 1906-1992.
by J. P. Hsu
(in memory of Professor Wolfgang Kroll, 1906-1992)

Krupnick, Mark, 1939-2003.
scholar of Jewish intellectual life
U of Chicago

Krutilla, John Vasil, 1921 or 1922-2003. (age 81)
environmental economist

Ku, Yu-hsiu, 1902-2002.   顧毓秀, 顧一樵
professor emeritus, Penn, EE
from Tsinghua

Kuan, Chung-Ming, 1956-    管中閔
Academician, Academia Sinica (Taiwan), 20002

Kübler-Ross, Elisabeth, 1926-2004.
born in Zurich, the first of triplets
death and dying
In 1999, Time magazine named Kubler-Ross as one of the "100 Most Important Thinkers" of the past century.


Kubota, Mantarö (1889–1963) 久保田 万太郎
Japanese author and poet


Kuh, Ernet S., 1928-   葛守仁
(Ker so-jen) Academica Sinica

Kuhn, Philip Alden.(孔復禮)

Chinese translation

Kuhn, Thomas (Samuel), 1922-1996.
influential history of science professor at MIT
The Structure of Scientific RevoIutions (scientific advancement was
revolutionary -- not evolutionary --- and occurred when one scientific
paradigm displaced another)
winner of the George Sarton Medal in the History of Science
cf.  Sarton, George, 1884-1956.

Kung, Cardinal Ignatius Pin-mei, 1901-2000.
龔樞機 瓶梅﹖ (of Shanghai)  Bishop Gong Pin-mei
named Cardinal "in pectore" by Pope John Paul II in 1979

Kung, Ku-Sheng, 1921-  贡榖绅 entomologist



Kunikida, Doppo, 1871-1908.   國木獨步
Japanese novelist

Kunitz, Stanley, 1905-2006.
Stanley Jasspon Kunitz
poet laureate of the U.S.
longtime Columbia University professor

Kuo, Alex 郭亚力
The Window Tree,1971. 《窗之树》(诗集)
Chinese Opera. Hong Kong: Asia 2000 Ltd., 1998. 《中国戏》(中篇小说)
The Fierce Geography. 1999. 《凶猛地理》(诗集)
Lipstick and Other Stories. Hong Kong: Asia 2000, 2001. 《口红及其他故事》[短篇小说集获2002年"美国书奖"(American Book Award)]

Kuo, Sung-fen, 1938-2005.
see Guo, Songfen, 1938-2005.   郭松芬 ; 郭松棻原名

Kuo, Tai-ming. see Kuo, Terry.

Kuo, Terry,    郭台銘
CEO, Hon Hai Group 鴻海集團
wife: Serena Lin (Lin Shih-ju) 林淑如
Serena Castle in Czechoslovak Republic
大弟: Kuo Tai-chiang  郭台強
二弟: Kuo Tai-cheng  郭台成

Kurokawa, Kisho, 1934-    黑川紀章
Japanese architect

Kurosawa, Akira, 1910-1998.  黑泽 明
Japanese movie director, Rashomon 罗生门

Kurtz, Thomas E., 1928-
co-deveoper of BASIC language with John G. Kemeny
at Dartmouth College in 1964

Kurutz, Denis Lawrence.   -2003.  (age 61)
landscape architect of "Getty" fame

Kwan, Michelle, 1980-
figure skater

Kwan, Nancy, 1939-
The World of Suzie Wong (1960)
The Flower Drum Song (1961)

1960年回港,适值派拉蒙为《苏丝黄的世界》(The World of Suzie Wong)招考女主角,关南施应聘入选,一举成名,翌年演出《花鼓歌》,其后演出二十多部B级影片。

1974年起在香港及台湾演了不少影片,又曾在香港经营电影器材租赁公司及协助西片在香港拍摄外景的业务。她在《李小龙传》(Dragan, The Bruce Lee Story, 1993)后己没有在银幕露面。

Kwong, Peter Chi-Choong

邝治中(Kwong, Peter Chi-Choong)

邝治中, 生于四川重庆,在中国高中毕业后移居台湾。后赴美深造,一九七八年获哥伦比亚大学政治学博士学位。论文为《The politics of the labor movement in New York City\'s Chinatown, 1930-1950》。曾在纽约大学社会学系任副教授多年,一九八六年至一九八七年曾任加州福尼亚大学亚美人研究中心客座教授。一九八八年起在纽约城市大 学任教。现为该大学亨特学院(Hunter College)亚美人研究计划主任和城市事务与策划学系(Dept. of Urban Affairs and Planning)教授。主讲《美国华裔》,《亚美人历史、劳工与政治》,《亚美人社会与组织》和《国际移民与种族》等课程。主要研究范围包括美国华裔移 民、文化与社会同化、劳工与政治等课题。他是美国华人社会活动家、报纸撰稿人和电视纪录片制作人。他所制作的移民纪录片荣获美国CINE金鹰奖。他被美国 杂志列为近十年来一百位最有影响力的美国亚裔人之一。

邝教授从事美国华裔的教学与研究工作二十多年。主要著作有 《Chinatown, New York》(英文版于一九七九年出版,中文版于一九八二年出版),《The new Chinatown》(英文版于一九八八年出版,中文版于一九八九年出版,日文版于一九九零年出版),《Forbidden workers》(英文版于一九九八年出版,中文版于二零零二年出版),《Chinese Americans》和《An analytical history of Chinese in America》等多种。他是《The village voice》和《The Nation》杂志的定期撰稿人。曾发表过有关美国华裔的论文多篇。他是研究美国华裔问题的专家。

Peter Kwong
(212) 772-5598

Peter Kwong is Professor of the Asian American Studies Program at Hunter College and Professor of Sociology, the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He received his Ph.D. in comparative politics at Columbia University. His research focuses on the intersection of immigration, labor and racial issues. Kwong is known for his work on Asian American and especially Chinese American labor concerns. He has taught such courses as Asians in the U.S., Chinese in the U.S., Asian American History of Labor & Politics, Asian American Movement & Community Organizing, International Migration and Race and Ethnic Politics in New York City for the Asian American Studies Program. Kwong a regular contributor to The Nation and The Village Voice, is a member of the Board of Directors of several organizations: Downtown Community TV; International Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship; and The New Press; and a member of the Board of Trustees of New York Foundation. As a video documentary film-maker, he is a recipient of the CINE Golden Eagle Award, for co-producing a PBS program on immigration. Most recently, Kwong was named by A. Magazine as a member of its "A. 100" — the 100 most influential Asian Americans of the past decade.

Professor Kwong’s publications include:

"An Analytical History of Chinese in America" (Working title). Co-author with Dusanka Miscevic New York: The New Press scheduled completion date 2003.

Chinese Americans: The Immigrant Experience. Co-author with Dusanka Miscevic, Southport, CT.: Hugh Lauter Levin, 2000.

Forbidden Workers: Illegal Chinese Immigrants and American Labor, New York: New Press, January 1998. Paperback edition, 1999. Chinese edition 2002.

The New Chinatown. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Hill and Wang, l987; Paperback edition, l988, Revised edition Fall 1996 Chinese edition, Hong Kong: Chung-Hua Publishing Co., l989 Japanese edition, Tokyo: Chikuma Publication, l990.

Chinatown, N.Y.: Labor and Politics, l930-l950, New York: Monthly Review Press, l979; paperback edition, l981, Chinese edition, Shanghai: I Wen Publishing Company, l982 Revised edition, New York: The New Press, March 2001.

KWOK Siu-tong   郭少棠教授
郭少棠,1972年香港中文大学新亚书院历史系毕业业,后赴美国柏克莱加州大学攻读硕士及博士课程,双重主修19世纪至20世纪欧洲史、中国史及政治学, 获博士学位。1977年,开始任教于香港中文大学历史系,从事欧洲近现代史、现代世界史和西方文化史教学和研究。著有两套中学世界历史教授书、《西洋史一 点点》,编有《神州四十年》。现为香港中文大学教授